At first, Faye is mortified at how this sounds until she actually puts the vocabulary of the pretend threat together.  “Wait, are you saying you think Elfie and I…?  You’re not mad at me?  Wow.”

    “You were sharp with Kammy, but I totally get why you did it.”  Cat puts her arms around her little friend and continues.  “I just wanted time for you two to work this out like the sisters you are, and I felt like you needed to hear it from me that, as Elfie’s mother, I’m proud of you and know you will be the girl I’m rooting for him to marry, as long as you don’t turn into a jerk or something before then.”  Oh, the waterworks and hugging really start with this revelation.  Now, Catherine must wait about five minutes before she can get anywhere with this kid.  “Faye, he he, Faye, look at me, dear.  Your friend is over there, and do you know who hates her even more than you do right now?”

    Hearing this, Faye rushes over, letting out a very emotional, “Oh, I don’t hate her!”  It’s only nanoseconds later until Kammy finds herself in the forgiving embrace of her friend.  “Kammy, you dork, you know I still love you.”

    “I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean it.”  Kammy can’t really get anywhere explaining either from all her crying, but eventually, there is some form of sensible communication between the two of them.  “I didn’t think of it like that.  It was just a funny story.  I forgot about the names of the people *sniffle*, and I totally forgot I’d been calling Elfie—Ent—that stupid name all day.  I don’t even know why I started calling him that today.  I’m so sorry, Faye.  I feel like I’m cheating on you and on Paul.  I’m so careless with my words.”

    Duplica referees this a bit.  “Kammy, baby, no one said you were cheating on anybody.  You just need to be more careful with how you talk to other girl’s boyfriends.  Yes, I said it for simplicity.  Don’t run with it, Faye.”  Kammy laughs at Duplica’s swift guttural tone used for the last part of that sentence.  “Kammy, how would you feel if Faye started walking past Paul, trying to catch his attention with her lovely new perfume, or if Gigi was suddenly messaging your boyfriend out of the blue, and doing it even more than you do as his girlfriend.  Wouldn’t that be uncomfortable to you?”

    “But,” Kammy says with another big sniffle.  Cat materializes a box of tissues.  “But, I message all the guys the same.  If you talk to Owan and Paul, you’ll see there’s no difference in how much I message them.  It’s just Elfie and I are both super nerds, and so is Faye.  I didn’t see a difference in how I talk to the two of them.  I’m sorry for being so careless.”  Kammy turns to her friend again and begs for forgiveness again as her voice cracks again.  “I didn’t mean to steal your boyfriend.  I was just trying to have fun with people.  I’m sorry.”

    Hugging and holding her pal, Faye sweetly whispers over and over, “It’s okay.  It’s alright.  Shh.”  With a better understanding of the situation, Worley’s wrath is quenched and she is able to see Miss Meyers truly meant no harm.  She’s only been dating for a week, and as a girl that went from being too afraid to talk to anyone to actually discovering people like her as a person, she just got carried away.  That’s all.  The sisters continue to hug with Faye even asking, “Can we just stay here the rest of the trip?”

    “Nice try,” Duplica quips.  “You’re taking the exam.”

    “Fiddlesticks,” Faye remarks, earning a giggling from Kamron.  This extra time has also produced another spark of honesty.  It comes from the red, short one.  “Kammy, can I ask an awkward favor of you?”

    Blowing her nose again, Kam asks, “What’s that?  Do you need my notes for the exam?”

    Laughing, Faye kindly says, “No, not that.  We prayed today for a good nickname for my Elfie…” Faye stops, choking up a bit, holding back any bothersome teardrops that might present themselves, the girl bravely continues, “We prayed for Entoni to have a nickname that is more appropriate now that he’s growing out of the Elfie stage, and you randomly, without even thinking, gave him a name that he doesn’t just like, he’s eaten up by it.  His main attack, just like his forerunner,” now Faye starts to cry, “is that stupid blade attack I’m so scared of.

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