After this, the session ends and the group chats a bit more with Lexy, getting a happy reminder that she’s not nearly as boring as the lesson she just gave.  It’s all fun and games until Cat says it’s time to go, with Lexy giving one last bit of trivia, “Goodbye, Catherine Antonia Sky, named after AB, KEB and, despite centuries of language breakdown, James Scott!  Have a good trip!”

    “Your maiden name is derived from Scott?” asks Elfer in awe.  “That adds so much to my heritage as a System Guard.  I definitely can’t slack off in my studies.  I have too many people depending on me.”

    Elfie feels Gigi place her hand on his shoulder as she, too, realizes the immense responsibility that’s been placed on the two of them.  With this all said and done, Lexy watches as the class walks to their next destination.  As Elf thinks of the heavy amount of info he and his friends have been buried under, his ears catch the voice of an eager classmate whose racing mind is about to outrun her mouth.

    “Hey, Double-Edge,” says Kamron, “how does it feel to have such a rich history?  Sure, we all come from the same ancestors, but everybody knows you’re our future leader.  How’s it feel, man?!”

    Laughing hysterically, Elf shoots this down.  “Crystal May, you need to calm yourself.  Don’t make it a bigger deal than it is.  Besides, like you said, you and Owan have just as rich a legacy.  Paul, you might be the next leader, and you’re just too afraid to admit it, so you play the quiet type.  Which reminds me, Kam, what are the themes for your suit this year?”

    “Aha!” Kammy is ecstatic at this opportunity.  “Well, the heart and the Z on my belt are themes you guys are familiar with, along with my heart also being a reference to A.J. Scar’s yellow butterfly from during his humility training, he he, only I decided a white heart is much more appropriate than a yellow one, even though it could’ve been a heart of gold.  Oh, well.  So, yeah, my hair color is the same as System Guard Charity, while my hairstyle is themed after Emily Scott and Fiona Sakuro.  Overall, my colors are supposed to be geared more toward these three women of integrity as I want to remind myself to be more honest and open so I never hurt my friends again like I did at the CFA.  You guys deserve much better than how I acted last year, so I’ve let God use all that to help me be a better testimony for Him.”

    The class expresses various words of encouragement for Kammy’s decision to do better, with Duplica saying a few things as well.  This prompts Kam’s curiosity about where they are going next.  “Hey, Lady Duplica, since you mentioned I.C.’s mini comic run that lasted for only two quick episodes, can we visit the storyboard she referenced with the Trash Kingdom?”

    “The Trash Kingdom?” Paul asks, laughing at the thought.

    Seeing her man laugh causes Kammy to do the same, eagerly relaying the story.  “Yeah, there’s this guy who runs from his village and falls off a cliff, but he’s okay because he’s got superpowers.  He meets this girl who is an ex-soldier, and the two spend time trying to figure out where he is from and how to let him live a normal life.  It turns out an alien empire has come to invade Earth, saying this guy is one of the emperor’s many children that he sends to various planets to eventually be his princes and princesses once his army arrives.  This guy is supposed to just join a dad he’s never met to kill the people of Earth, but instead, he and his new girlfriend convince the emperor that it really doesn’t matter if the earthlings survive, or even know of the aliens’ existence, as long as the empire gets their taxes and such.  If this dude is supposed to be the prince of the planet, why should his father care what he does with the place as long as Earth pays tribute.  The evil king agrees, and the guy, now a prince, uses his army to secretly collect resources to pay as tribute to keep Earth safe.  However, the king raises the tribute amount, and even demands a different precious export from the planet.  Do you know what the aliens want?”

    “Their trash!” Elfie has caught on.

    “Yeah!  Can you believe that?” She says, eagerly turning to Elfie, too consumed in the story to care who she’s talking to.  “The Earth is invaded by evil aliens, and as a result, they get their own superhero and environmental service, all financed by the very villains that invaded them, and nobody in the general public even knows what’s going on, ha ha ha!”

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