“To cover this up, her hair was changed to greenish black, as was the black hair of her siblings.  This was to make everyone believe the kids were all naturally born with greenish black hair, thus covering up Missy’s unique properties.  It also served as something neat for Astro Bomber when his future powers would do the same to his naturally black hair, so it was supposed to make him go, ‘Aw, Missy’s just like me.  I wanna’ marry her.’  Well, AB didn’t need that motivation with such an awesome best friend, but it didn’t hurt.  Basically, Missy’s green hair is the SG’s idea of her crown as the Queen of the System.  And that’s why we are all glad AB is in charge now and not those sickos from way back when.  At any rate, Missy knows all this and happily accepts her past, knowing God had a purpose for all the creepy ideas her would-be creators had about her and AB.  She still loves her green hair.

    “Now, why did I say all of this?  Well, in some storyboards, AB ends up marrying Amy Scott.  Sometimes he ends up with Missy’s sister Mimi.  There’s a storyboard where he will either marry Renee Thunderfoot, her daughter Thunderkat or her granddaughter Akira, depending on when AB is born in relation to each generation.  He even marries Aiden Ashley Anderson in one universe, and in each of these scenarios, the girl ends up with green hair.” And with this, Lexy holds her hands out like she’s just introduced the kids to their brand-new car.

    After moments of silence, Gigi repeats, “That’s weird.”

    “Then you won’t care about James marrying Missy or AB and EMJ combining everyone into one guy character and one girl character.  Yeah, so glad I’m not a part of that universe.  Of course, there are apocalypse universes, like where AB’s daughter Melomax is only a lackey to the real heroes, A.J. and Amy’s kids.  I mean, there are several universes in which one character is absent from the timeline, and it turns out Ally Horn is THE most important character in all the System Guards’ stories.  You can take out every other character and things still have a chance of turning out okay, but you remove Ally and there is no good scenario.  We got a universe with Rue Patterson as the leader, and we got a storyboard with Ladybug of the CFA leading the Fashion Guards.  I could go on and on, but the reason I pointed out all these weirdos is because…every single surviving AB double was moved to Storyboard XXII after the Political Ballet universe had died out.  We colonized XXII, bringing with us the DNA of every living person in the ENTIRE System up to that point, and gave birth to a new universe that we deemed the Duplication Storyboard.  Does this sound familiar, Catherine Antonia Sky?”

    With her kids behind her slowly starting to possibly understand the last part of this marathon of madness, Cat takes the time to clear it up.  “Yep, all the System Guard doubles moved to Storyboard XXII and started the civilization that we Dogwood inhabitants have enjoyed for thousands of years.  That’s why I’m Duplica, because I was supposed to be the System Successor, with ‘Grandpa AB’ as my mentor as he was ready to hand the torch to someone else.  That’s why you may notice a gradual shift to more female allies than males, it’s because this was supposed to be my story…before I.C. Mendez’s random comics started up, thus causing the System Director to decide on having another male lead to balance out I.C.’s series, thus giving the spotlight to you, Elf and Gigi.  You’re welcome.”  Cat gives her kids the evil eye and continues, “But I would’ve missed out on so much if I didn’t have the joy of watching you two light up as we travel around time and space.  I’d give up a million spotlights for you two.”  Sliding over to hug her twins, Cat lovingly says, “YOU are my adventure, and that is all the spotlight I want.  Well, attention from your dad is a prerequisite as well, but he does a good job, too.”

    “So,” Lexy says hopefully, “any of you have any questions?  Any at all?”

    There’s silence as brains are recovering until Faye finally asks, “Lexy, are you married to AB?”

    This SG leader’s hair is black, but Faye thinks it’s still possible.

    “No,” she says with a light chuckle, “I only made a big deal of it to get your attention.”

    “I applaud your effort,” says Mercy.

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