“Hi!  I’m Lexy.”  Her peppy introduction helps the crew to quickly recover from the technical migraine of the past few minutes.  “So, I’ll try to be brief and simple, okay?  I understand that most people view XI as the main storyboard, so let me go from that perspective.  Thanatos had his tyrannical army wreaking havoc, and one of the people in his army was a girl named Lexy.  AB and the gang freed her and her brothers, along with some robots, from the grip of the enemy, thus resulting in new System Guards.  The robots loved learning about life and such to the point they asked the System Director to change their characters to humans, and so he did.  As humans, Yumiko became an SG favorite for her calm, strong nature perfectly blending with tender wisdom.  Meanwhile, her adventurous sister married Lexy’s brother.  Well, Lexy and her brothers, along with her sister-in-law, Doll, all went to live on New Ruyngard, while Yumiko still continues to serve at HQ to this day.  Anyway, that is XI.  Where I’m from, in LXIII, I’m the big cheese.  I am the LXIII equivalent to AB in XI, only I’m a gorgeous girl named Lexy while he’s…somewhere around here, I guess.  Instead of James Scott and all that party, Doll and Yumi are my fellow officers, along with my brothers, of course.  Oh!  And Kat San Diego and Jaqui Scar are also on my main team.  Let’s see.  What next?”

    Lexy taps her foot and decides to summarize what she knows is basically the start of Duplica’s storyboard.  “So, let me tell you about how we went from me being in charge to me being your ancestor, since I know that’s in the back of your mind.  Storyboards LXIII through LXVIII are all different versions of me as the leader, with a few others that were destroyed thanks to my version of the Ultimate Maximum.  After the System Director visited me and learned of my neck of the woods, he moved me to LXI, which was empty at the time, because he recognized I was the main Lexy of us all.  He then moved the others around, leaving everyone confused at family reunions.  But that’s just the Lexy’s.  SBXCIV is where Ivory Nocturne is in charge.  There’s a universe where AB and Cici had a little step-brother named Kevin Edward instead of a step-sister named Katherine Elisabeth.  There’s a universe like XII, except A-Tron didn’t kill Never Miss.  There’s another XII duplicate where the famous “Sad Daughter of Vahnna” had a decent life.  Also, you know the seven siblings at the end of the original XII?  Okay, so Ruyngard, the original I mean, ended with seven siblings that were SBXII’s new version of AB and his friends, and the Missy equivalent was Captain Milleni Gunner, the pirate sister of Ron, SBXII’s AB.  Sorry, a lot, I know.  Okay, well think of her, but another version of her somewhere else, and she’s got this son named Patrick Aaron Madison that everyone calls PAM, and he’s got a daughter named Sydney Angel Madison that everyone calls SAM.”

    Alexis looks around to see the kids squinting at her like they could cry while some of them are dozing off where they stand.

    “Who wants to get married?”  A few heads lift in some fashion of attention, so she repeats the question, “Who wants to get married and not be stuck all by yourself?”  A few of the hands go up.  She tries one more time, “Girls, how many of you want to marry AB from XI right now?”

    Everyone looks at her like she’s lost her mind.

    “That’s weird,” says Gigi.

    “He’s kind of taken, you know,” reminds Faye.

    “Well, not by Missy,” Lexy says in preparation for her next random point, desperately trying to reclaim the teenagers’ attention.  “Okay, so let’s review Missy.  This wittle baby is genetically engineered to be the perfect girl for the guy the 1990’s XI System Guards deem their future leader, and the two grow up, not knowing they’ve had it put into their DNA to marry one day.  Since that happened, they learned the truth and could care less because they’re obsessed with each other, but all the same, it’s a fact.  So, Missy’s natural hair color is black, as is that of her parents and siblings.  However, her modifications caused Melody Grace David to be born with purplish black hair as a side effect.

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