“In SBCI, AB’s twin Cici was the older of the two, thus making her Celeste instead of him being Astro Bomber.  Ant was the cyborg brother hidden away until Cici had received her powers.  It’s basically the Asteroid Siblings’ life story but with the roles switched between AB and Cici.  Well, MKEB’s story goes even farther and has ALL the guys and girls switching places.  Although, rather than deal with the gender headaches of having a female Ant and a male Cici, the System Director just had it be the same scenario with MKEB essentially being another version of Cici as the hero, only with James Scott being named Ames or Amos Scott and his sister Amy being Jamie who is the second-in-command to MKEB.  Tommy is named Jo, thus making his sister Tonya.  Basically, take everyone’s names, switch the gender of the name and give it to their siblings.  It’s not that hard, just a lot to remember.  Well, it doesn’t matter because most of the cast died thanks to Ariana Jekel.  It was a horrible thing, and I’m sorry I had to disrespect the event so much to expose that Mirror.  Our friends are doing well now, and I’m glad for it.  In fact, they even living in the Katalina Galaxy back in our time, living in the…” Duplica pauses and looks at the class.

    “Living in the what?” Elfie asks.

    “Heh…in the Mirror System.”  A chill goes down Duplica’s spine and shakes her to the point that I, the author and System Director, have to directly tell her that MKEB and her gang are not Mirrors.

    “Wait,” Kammy says, “didn’t somebody say that Amy Scott is Jamie Scott in MKEB’s universe?”

    “It’s not the same one that married Adam Baylor, hon,” Duplica reassures, “but in organizing everyone, the System Director did make Jamie Scott Baylor the mentor of MKEB’s universe for the very reason you’re thinking.  They all loved it.  Now, stop poking me in the back of the head, Lexy.”

    This signals the arrival of the real host who looks like one of the girls from Planet Ruyngard, prompting Duplica to remind the class that Lexy Braltin of XI was one of the people referenced by the face templates of all that mimicking mess with the New Ruyngardians.  This, however, is Alexis “Lexy” Braltin of LXIII.  The Mirror was right about the people moving from LXIII to LXI, but that’s about it.  Now that the star of this storyboard is here, she can give the whole story.

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