Then, as Duplica strolls over to the one identified as Tonya Sutle, her class tries to figure out who all these people are she keeps mentioning.  Standing face to face with this girl, Duplica whispers to her, “Look in the mirror.”

    “Oh, snot!” Tonya Jo says, jumping away before Cat can vanquish her.  With the cover blown, Jo reveals herself to be a strange creature the kids have never encountered before.  This is a Mirror.  They are natural cyborgs created from the darker side of the mind with the ability to take the shapes of other beings using the cameras on their belts.  What makes it worse is that when they take the form of someone, they also have access to all their memories.  The only problem is that the Mirrors are very forgetful creatures and are thus clumsy with parroting the information they’ve gathered, making it fairly easy for a seasoned veteran to expose these weirdos.  That said, Cat has never personally seen one, but she knows enough about history to recognize the situation when it arises, as you have just witnessed.  Did you really think Catherine Rug would so cruelly mock her friends after losing a loved one?  Hey, you behave!

    Now that he is in danger, the Mirror examines his opponents, looking for his next victim to mimic.  This isn’t to say the real Tonya Sutle was harmed in the making of this charade, as she isn’t even aware some freak was just pretending to be her.  The only harm these things do is info gathering, really, and even that’s about to change as Duplica shatters the camera on his belt.  “Owan, finish this droid for me, please.”

    Having received his orders, Owan dashes towards the cyborg, only to find it’s not nearly as tough as he thought, thus allowing him to finish it with a display of the Razor Chains attack he recently developed.  Yep, this tin can is quickly scrapped, allowing for the class to resume, kind of.  In truth, because of being behind schedule, Cat unwittingly caused the real host to believe she forgot, so that real host went home to eat a bowl of chili.  As Duplica informs this guest of the arrival and the run-in with the mirror, the plan is made to catch up in about fifteen minutes.  That lets Cat explain what’s going on.

    “Okay, so I’ll explain MKEB,” says Catherine.  “I wouldn’t worry too much about the names and who’s who, since that was all to expose that Mirror, which I’ll explain later.  All you need to know is that in searching the several storyboards for different versions of the System Guards, we ended up with all kinds of weird alternatives.  We will focus on most of them when Lexy arrives, but for now, I’ll talk about CI and, uh, wherever MKEB is from.

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