“He first started with a limit of a thousand storyboards, but he barely made it to over two hundred before shrinking the stats again.  He went down to seventy, then ten and then back up to seventy.  He couldn’t decide if he wanted the simplicity of one universe or the freedom of multiple, but in the end, he came to terms with the fact that one tiny planet, like Earth, has more stories available than we’ll ever have time to write in this lifetime.  So, one universe was deemed enough, and that’s what we shall explore next year.  This is why I planned so many different universes this year.  I know it’s a lot, guys, but I don’t want you to miss out on the marvelous grandeur of the many universes before sticking with our home turf.  Also, I wanted you to appreciate the chaos we have been spared in the future by no longer having to keep up with all the letters and numbers that made up the algebra equations we call the storyboard names.”

    The kids smile at their teacher as they understand what she is trying to do for them.  She’s been a little wackier in her approach to things this year than normal, but Lady Duplica never disappoints, so they trust her.  Even Mercy is smiling as all her jokes and comments can’t hide the fact that she’s proud to have such a good friend teaching her son.

    “Now, back to our lesson.  Tonya, where did you leave off?”  Cat looks at her host to see how she handles herself.

    “I don’t believe we started, really.”  She twirls her hair as she thinks of where to begin.

    Not waiting, Catherine Sky Rug decides to give the lesson by asking the host a series of questions.

    “So, how is Mike doing?”

    “Mike is dead,” says Jo with look of disgust.  “You know this, Duplica.  You know everything that’s happened in this world, how MKEB fell for the trick of our universe’s version of Arion Jekel and let that girl into our midst, resulting in the deaths of most of our System Guards.  I hate talking about it without her here because MKEB can’t defend herself.  In fact, I hate talking about it in general.  It upsets me that you’d forget such a thing.”

    “Calm down, Tonya,” Duplica says with attitude.  “You’re making a big deal over something that got fixed, and in front of my kids.  MKEB learned from her mistake, y’all got on with life.  Since MKEB lost Mikey and Emile Junas lost Jamie Scott, the two got married, and now, MKEB has that wonderful MAD daughter of hers fighting alongside her.”

    Jo Sutle is almost in tears.  “How could you be this way?  I want you out of our dimension right now.  I came to teach a class, and all you’ve done is belittle me and made me feel like garbage, insulting my dead husband.  What’s wrong with you?”  She begins to weep, causing the students to look at Lady Duplica in painful disbelief.

    “Fine, Tonya,” says Cat in a roar, “if you want to be an emotional drama queen over it then I’ll leave.  I’ll take my class and go so they don’t see you being such a crybaby like when you couldn’t handle the stress of the Whirlwind Prophet.”

    “My Mikey was roasted alive before my eyes, you jerk!!” cries Jo in agony.

    Duplica coldly looks at her students.  “Tonya, I thought you said the LXIII version of Arion Jekel is what killed your Mikey.”

    At these words, Jo Sutle’s weeping ceases in shock.  She’s still whimpering, but her sorrow has suddenly been stifled by an apparent air of fear.

    “Tonya, that sweet daughter of MKEB, MAD, what do her initials stand for?”  As Tonya gazes at Cat in horror, the confident teacher answers a question that this crying female cannot.  “Since you obviously don’t know, I’ll tell you, Jo Sutle.  MAD stands for Michelle Anthoni David.  She was the daughter of MKEB and Mikey, not from MKEB’s second marriage to Emile Junas.  That’s something you should’ve known.  Also, Jo Sutle is from XI, and she’s a sweet girl who eventually got her Mikey back after that horrible attack from the Whirlwind Prophet.  YOU should be Tonya Sutle, not Jo, and you come from a completely different storyboard.  This is the home of Lexy and her gang.  Guess what that means.”

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