“Indeed, Elena met some young man out in the desert who was following a religion that had taken the stories of that universe’s AB and made them into cult teachings.  While helping Elena, that friend slowly realized the truth and left the lies behind.  Charis landed in a storyboard with a number I can’t recall right now, but she landed in a Chinese region, having lost her leg in an awful crash.  She was found by an elderly woman who was the village’s head nurse and went through a whole thing of having to remember who she was while learning to walk on one leg, depending on the woman’s grandson for help.  Of course, in the end, Charis was the one teaching the young man to be a brave hero.  I have to admit that when Charis showed me the footage of her revealing to her friend that she could’ve healed herself at any time, with her dismembered leg popping out of the ground and reattaching itself to my wife, I couldn’t stop laughing at the poor boy’s expression.”

    “It wasn’t that sporadic, dear,” clarifies Mrs. Scott.  “The space pods were activated by the circuitry in our boots, or our bare footprints, but we needed both legs, so as we figured this out, I had him go back to where the grandmother had buried my foot in a hurry and dug it up, expect to find bones.  Instead, the foot was perfectly fresh, as if it just come off.  It wasn’t even hideously bloody, but more cartoony.  So, we took it back and tried it on the ship.  I also had grown so tired of the crutch that I broke it and made a peg leg.  This inspired me to do the same with my actual foot.  I figured that having my old leg look good as new was a great motivation to tie it back on, and it eventually just healed.  But yes, I eventually showed him I could’ve healed it any time I had wanted, had I remembered I was an Infinite.”

    “Oh yeah,” says Faye, “because none of this story is disgusting or deranged, not at all.”

    “Oh, not at all,” says Elena as she casually lifts her torso off her hips for a second, like simply disconnecting a doll.  Freaking out, Faye screams and falls off the couch.  As Elena has reassembled herself, she begs, “Faye, come back.  I promise not to do it again.”

    First, the girl playfully kicks Burt’s feet in scolding fashion, but as she climbs back onto the couch, she says, “Nah, I have to put up with that nonsense when hanging out with those teachers all day, so I’m used to it.”  Faye blows a kiss at Duplica and Jo.

    “Speaking of us,” says Cat, “we should get going.  Travis, finish your story as we walk to your hometown.”  This said, the group is directed to the door, and soon, the Beluus, the Scotts and the class leave the house and hike through the empty nothingness toward Storyboard CCCXLI.

    “Well, my memory loss adventure had me encounter a strange girl that,” Travis pauses to think of the best summary for such a complexity, “let’s just say that as the System is a universe in the imagination of the System Director, we PACs can technically have our own imaginations, thus having a System within the System.  Obviously, our imaginary worlds wouldn’t have any more connection with this universe than we do with the real world except for when you involve Infinites, or the System Director just wanting to complicate things for his sick delight, ha ha!  Basically, I was helping a person who was from another person’s imagination and had become real.  I was helping them come to terms with who and what they were, and even though they were based on the memory of someone else, I helped this person to accept themselves for being their own person and not try to live up to being like the person they were based on.  That’s all.”

    “For the record,” Duplica clarifies, “the System Director tries to avoid such things like imaginary worlds within the imaginary world so as not to frighten away the readers.  However, to us PACs, this concept is more comfortable, since our sensory intake is more compatible with these kinds of physics.  I wouldn’t stress over if I were you guys.  Oh!  Can someone tell us about the Megs, since we’re going to be meeting them soon?”

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