“So yeah, my story is a love story, not of a guy wanting to marry a girl, but of a guy who simply cares about his friend for the sake of being a friend.  Of course, I met Elena, and now…Jotrana who?  Nah, time-traveling lets me see my pal Jotranan whenever I want, and that girl has been busy herself, using science to acquire the ability to duplicate herself, the weirdo.  I’m an Infinite now, as is my wife and our friends here.  We have this nice house out in the middle of literal nowhere.  What’s not to love?”

    Kammy can’t stand on the sidelines now and starts nano-chatting with Elfie herself.  “See?  That’s like us, Elf.  I let you have Faye, and I took Paul.  I’m super happy.  You two are super dorky cute, and you and me are best buds now that we understand each other.”

    “That was out of nowhere,” he responds, “but yeah, pretty much sums things up.  I’m glad you’re not afraid to talk to me now though.”

    “Yeah,” she agrees, “going from hiding my crush on you by being a jerk to suddenly trying to outdo Faye for your affection wasn’t the kindest way to express myself over the last few years.  Thanks for being a patient friend.”

    “And to think, all that time, Paul was right under your nose,” Elf says with a smile.

    “Yes!!  I feel silly for taking so long to notice him.  Still, I’m glad that you and I found a normal form of friendship, and Faye is always what I need to keep my spirits lifted, especially since Gigi gets greedy when we train together, torturing me so.”

    Elf replies, “Why you pickin’ on Gigi, Kam?”

    “Because I love here, he he.  I was tempted to ‘accidentally’ send the last part of that to her just start teasing her, heh heh.”

    “You wanted to start a fight?” Gigi suddenly pops into the conversation.  “Elfie told me you wanted to start a fight.”

    Faye watches Kammy and Elfie both laugh at Gigi simultaneous.  The short one with pigtails sighs, “Dorks.”

    Charis turns to Travis and cheerfully announces to him, “Your turn!”

    “Now, you know this isn’t fair, guys,” says Travis.  “My story is so heavily tied to later lessons that I have to be careful with what I say now.”

    “You can do it,” cheers Elena.

    “Thanks,” Travis says.  “Well, for trivia, you probably know that in every storyboard with Xames Scott, he has a nephew named Travis.  Well, I’m Travis Scott from SBCCCXLI, but I’m the nephew of James Scott, with my parents being Canbel and Meg Scott.  Really, you will hear more about her than me, since my story starts with her big moment and transitions into my travels with my wife and friends.  Oh, wait!  I can tell you of our crazy buffoonery we did earlier this year with losing our memories.”

    Elena and the others groan.

    “Haha!  Success!” Travis gloats.  “You see, as Infinites, we can do virtually anything, so any added difficulty to an adventure spices up the action.  We each locked ourselves in space pods that were flung across four select storyboards where the person to find us would be helping us regain our memories while we were actually there to help them.  Hyperdrive simply landed in the residential area of the Juniper District and was found by that loopy Gonago and her friends, resulting in Hyper’s comedic torture as the girls ‘helped him’ get over what they assumed was just a cold.  The rest of us, however, actually had profitable adventures.”

    “To their credit,” defends Hyperdrive, “I did retrieve my memory, and they did learn a few things about patience.”

    “Yeah, well,” adds Elena, “they need to keep learning.  Travis?”

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