Kammy raises her hand, recalling the situation.  “Rodrique Beluu, better known as Master Controller Blue, was one of the guys recruited by none other than the Thanatos of the Anti-Guardians.  There was MC Roger Blade who was eventually rescued and joined the System Guards, marrying the step-daughter of the great Shoro.  There was MC Bore and MC Bison, Bear and possibly another.  I definitely remember MC Blue’s brother Master Controller Brain.  That’s the scientist who built the robotic fiend Gingerbread Man.  ‘Run, run, as fast as you can.  You can’t escape the Gingerbread Man!’

    “Well, A.J. Scar fought the super-fast MC Blue on his beachside fortress.  A.J. had recently tried to reason with Shoro’s son MC Bowser aboard the mighty train known as the Desolation Engine, but Bowser’s pride resulted in his own death.  This was still heavy on Scar’s heart when he encountered Blue, so when the guy started insulting A.J. and specifically started saying very cruel things about A.J.’s sister Jaqueline, something snapped in the System Guard, and he went to town on the villain, holding nothing back.  Blue was destroyed, but with Arion Jekel Scar’s conscience grieving.  However, Amy Scott took A.J. back to that spot and used the time device to revive Blue.  It turned out Blue was considering becoming a good guy but had trust issues.  Sure, he was a jerk, but his antics were his way of seeing of the mercy of the System Guards was everything he had heard.  Miraculously, despite A.J.’s rage, Blue was slowly won over to the heroes’ side and eventually became a System Guard himself, finally retiring and spending the rest of this life on New Ruyngard…sir.”

    Staring at the girl, Hyperdrive finally speaks.  “I didn’t know I had my own fan club.  Ha ha!”

    “Wait!” says Kammy, quickly catching on, “You’re MC Blue?!”

    “Okay, check this,” Drive says, “in SBXC, a dude is trying to work on an interdimensional device and accidentally creates a way to pull people straight out of the Drawing Board.  In reality, the System Director just made the device fluke as an excuse to throw me back to the land of the living, but he had a reason for why I ended up so far away from home.  So, I wake up alive, and the dude’s got a gorgeous sister who’s as smart as he is, so I’m not complaining, right?  Well, she’s so into the science that she’s hanging out with me all the time, making me think she’s got a thing for me, when it’s just my story she is focused on.  Still, I was willing to wait because she was fine.  Now, you mentioned that I’m a runner.  Well, coming back to life, and being a seasoned System Guard, I was close to lightspeed fast now.  I don’t remember being an Infinite before I died, but if I had become one, death and revival messed it up.  So, I spent the time running, getting faster all the time, until I started entering championship races.

    “Eventually, I succeeded in dating the science girl, Jotrana, but she soon complained about how little time I spent with her because of my obsession with racing, so I gave her the boot and left my science buddies behind.  However, I started to see how egotistical I was and went back to apologize.  Too late!  It was a year later and she was already married.  We are still good friends to this day, but I totally missed my chance with her.  Well, as if losing my girl wasn’t bad enough, all I had left was my speed, but I had to stop running because I was too fast to safely run on the Earth.  That’s when Jo made it her life mission to help me keep my passion.  She made a suit that let me run through space, thus how I became Hyperdrive.  But then, we had the bigger problem of spacetime.  I’d run from planet to planet, and when I’d eventually return to visit Jo, she’d be a few years older because time in space is different from time on Earth.  We thought for sure I’d come home one day and find her long passed away.

    “You know what I did?  I gave up running.  Why?  Because I loved her.  I loved Jo so much that I would rather give up my passion than have her die without me.  I wasn’t worried about ever having a chance with her romantically.  She was happily married, and I wasn’t about to ruin that.  But as her friend, I cared about my friend more than my own selfish desires.  One thing you guys need to understand is that romantic love isn’t the only love out there, and it’s sure enough not the strongest kind of love.  The love of Christ is the only love that matters, and it will drive you to serve others and put yourself in the backseat, or even in the trunk, with the concerns of others being your priority.

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