“What happened to Zeria?” Paul asks.  Faye, now sitting with Elena and Hyperdrive, looks up at her teacher with huge bug eyes, making Elena giggle as this is Faye’s way of agreeing with Paul’s inquiry.

    “Stop, Faye.  You really shouldn’t make me laugh while answering a question like that.” Elena covers the girl’s face with her hand, which is then attacked by Faye’s mouth.

    “Fine,” says Faye with Elena’s palm smothering her, “then I will make you guffaw instead.”

    “Oh, my goodness,” Burt says in a sigh, “you’re done.  You’re so done.  Okay so, unfortunately, even though Zeria eventually stopped trying to commit genocide, she ended up being killed by one of Locket’s old enemy’s while I was attending the Grace School of Recovery.  This was something he didn’t tell us at first, but instead chose to bear the weight of his sorrow alone.  We each had our hurts we were struggling with, and this almost destroyed our friendship as misunderstandings and bottled up emotions had us all ready to never speak to one another again.  I’m so glad we all got over ourselves and learned to communicate better.”

    “Hmm,” Charis stares at the ground, “I don’t know what I would’ve done if I had found out Mr. Locket had passed away before I could apologize for my bad attitude.  He was such a kind man.”

    “It’s always good to know you’re forgiven,” says Paul with a slight hint of guilt.  He brushes it off, turning to Kammy and whispering, “You’re forgiven.”

    She smiles and asks, “What in the worlds did I do?”

    Sly as a fox, he says, “Stole my heart, of course.”  To this, Kammy responds by smiling and rolling her eyes before covering her face with a nearby cushion.

    The gears have been turning, so Gigi, ignoring Paul’s nonsense, wants to know, “Elena, if you were in the Drawing Board for so long, how did you not meet Rowan to learn what happened?”

    Elena explains, “I wasn’t sure I wanted to know what happened, so I just wandered around until I found my way to the XI side.  As PAC’s aren’t souls and the Drawing Board isn’t supposed to be a one-to-one equivalent of heaven, our emotions and such are toned down so we can enjoy somewhat of a paradise experience while we wait for the possibility of being revived later, but that doesn’t mean we can’t feel some sense of worry at times.  It’s not drastic enough to be a problem, but when you come back to life, there’s a good chance whatever issues you have unresolved will be ready to kick you in the gut.  Also, I have talked with Rowan since then, and we’re good now.  He explained what happened, so I’m not mad at him.  It still hurts to think about, but I’ve learned to appreciate the blessings that have come from my wild ride around time.”

    Faye uses the nano-chat ability to secretly message Elf, “So, if I died, would you try to revive me?”

    He responds, “It depends on why you died.  If you laughed to death making fun of me, I might wait a week, then revive you.  Then again, I could always visit you since your emotions would be toned down.”

    Kammy notices Faye looking across the den’s coffee table at Elf like she’s going to throw him into the abyss between storyboards and concludes Elfer must’ve just won a checkmate in his pun campaigns.

    The next message from Faye is, “Your plane for the Drawing Board will depart in approximately six hours, when I skin you alive.”  This, of course, is accompanied with a silly face.

    Elf asks, “Will you at least come visit me?  Nobody’s as pretty as you are there.”  Kammy then sees Faye’s expression quickly morph into warm and fuzzy mode.  Kamron Crystal is very entertained.

    Regaining her ability to think, Faye sends the message, “Okay, we’re not dating yet so stop complimenting me so much or I’ll die from overjoying, you husband jerk.”  After she says this, she quickly corrects herself, “Handsome!  I meant you handsome jerk!!”  Now Elfie is the one entertaining Kammy as he bursts into random laughter.

    “Babe,” Elena says to her husband, “I think it’s your turn to shine.”

    “Aight!” he says.  “How many of you heard of MC Blue?”

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