The class looks at her, not buying the moral of her story.  Faye voices the opinion of the girls.  “Loss of individuality for my superpowers or not dealing with unruly emotions and hormones because I can voluntarily reconstruct my physiology however I feel like, that’s such a tough decision.”

    “Well, fine,” says Elena, “don’t take my advice.  Anyway, like I was saying, my parents had that technique, and I inherited something similar.  Instead of how Mom can give attack energy to my dad, I can absorb attacks and give the energy to whomever I want.  Of course, when you’re always with your boyfriend who is the son of one of the greatest System Guards of all time, the choice is clear.  And so, Rowan and I were an unstoppable team.  Did I mention my parents kinda’ started my time-traveling kick by going back and forth between Planet HQ and Planet Ruyngard, thus my childhood went by at a different rate than Rowan’s?  Anyway, Rowan and I decided to visit Storyboard X, and we ended up in the era where Porter had become the evil Ruin.  We weren’t supposed to be involved, but mistakes were made.  Then it happened.  I used my absorption technique, but Ruin knew what I was doing and pulled a cruel trick that resulted in my death.  Guys, I died saving the man I loved.  Well, this wasn’t new to me.  I was in a world of romance, equating my love with that of my parents as I waited for my knight to revive me.  However, this never happened.  Rowan wasn’t able to go home, and he couldn’t revive me, so he stayed in SBX, married another girl and became the ancestor of the famous Xames Scott.

    “Because the Drawing Board, the backup network for fallen PACs, was separated in accordance with the storyboards at the time, I sat in the SBX region of the Drawing Boards, waiting to be revived, wondering why I had been forgotten.  Along the way, I travelled to the SBXI domain, which quickly sped up the waiting, since their time flowed differently, but I was never revived by the System Guards.  The Ultimate Maximum, the most feared villain in all the System, brought me back to life, and only in the background with every other dead PAC as part of his cruel mind game he was playing with the Astronomical Bomber.

    “I thought I was loved, but I was just an insignificant background character that not even the villain had time to think about.  Well, after AB solved the problems and beat Ultimax, we were all given the choice to stay alive or go back to the Drawing Board.  I stayed alive and went back to my own time period in what was the future to where I was revived.  When I got home, I moped, and I did it a lot.  I wept and was whiney to my parents.  I adopted a couple of teenage girls to keep me company.  Those two are so sweet.  However, I’d have them stay with my parents as I started time-traveling on my own, and eventually, I met a man named Mr. Locket.

    “I was a bitter, lonely young woman, but this elderly man was kind enough to take me on as a daughter.  As we went about through the storyboards, I met the sculptor who created the famous Unitera and Greco Romana.  Locket and I encountered another bitter young woman named Zeria who kept stalking us and trying to kill us.  She was just a proud, spoiled brat who took much too long to appreciate her parent’s kind nature.  She eventually came around though…as did I.  As kind of a friend as Mr. Locket was, I grieved him greatly by abusing the art of time-travel for my selfish desires.  We undid the results of my stupidity, but it cost me the life of one of my girls.  The sweetest angel I’ve ever known was slain by an enemy she should have never encountered.  I killed my own daughter by my bitter carelessness.  But the System Director was very, very kind in letting her come back a year later.  I grew up, she grew a little, and my other daughter grew abundantly.  We all learned together, and we’ve all waved goodbye to the Elena that takes advantage of people to feed her miserable pity parties.  Charis, I think it’s your turn, hon.”

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