Elena throws her flannel graph together and points to the picture of James with red eyes.  “Before he was a System Guard, James Scott had his first major hero moment when he rescued Emily Johnst’s home colony New Cambridge from the wicked Zocar, the Wolf Sheep.  In this fight, Zocar marveled at James’ red glowing eyes, calling them the Eyes of Thanatos.  This, of course, was because of Zocar’s misunderstanding of future events, which would actually include him, too.  Anyway, James vanquished the villain, thus rescuing everyone.  He went on to fight A.J. Scar alongside AB and others.  After A.J. became a good guy, the team had to undo the effects of Scar leaving red gems everywhere that drove people crazy.  Of course, from here, we go to the Ultimate Maximum and Arion Jekel and so forth.  Twenty years later, I’m a rookie SG dating James’ son Rowan.  But first, let me talk about my parents.

    Ken and Steph Burt lived on a Japanese space colony also overrun by treacherous red rocks.  Instead of driving people mad, these gems literally brainwashed everyone into thinking they were still living on Earth and facing an ancient evil that was slowly killing them.  My parents both died saving the colony, but were handsomely rewarded for their efforts.  The SGs used the time device to revive my folks, but with an upgrade.  Because of the strong bond my parents have, my mom can absorb attacks and transfer the energy to my dad to dish back.  Extremely romantic!  Both are Infinites now, negating the need for the attack, but they’ll still use it because it’s their thing.  I mean, it’s like how Annie Evermore was the Ani warrior Coriah who got eaten by a monster that steals your powers, but her determination to survive reversed the process, leaving Coriah in charge of the monster’s new form.  She forgot her name and called herself Annie Evermore.  However, when the process was reversed and Annie was returned to normal, she gained the ability ‘Learning by Pain’ where her body will learn any attack that she endures as long as she sees it coming.  Well, now that Coriah is an Infinite, that technique is obsolete.  So, remember, kids; the downside of being an Infinite is losing your individuality, he he.”

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