And speaking of the environment of the System Guard’s main headquarters in the new unified universe, would you like a tour of the Juniper District?  Well, then, I will have to let Duplica dash your hopes.

    “Sorry, but we’re only here for the party this year.  JD will have to wait until next year…when we visit the ten galaxies of the unified universe!”

    You heard it for yourself.  In the next book, we will explore what life is like in the present for our lovely SGs, and we will finally see what all the excitement is about regarding the intriguing Juniper District.  It’s not heaven, nor is it supposed to be like heaven, even if it does have all the good deaders and possess some of the coolest accommodations in the System.  But we can discuss all that next year.  So, with the party finishing out our adventure through time, space and among the other storyboards of old, I hope you will enjoy the change of pace now that you will no longer have to keep up with all the confusing Roman Numerals or the forty million versions of AB, Missy, James Scott and Ivory Nocturne.

    We end this portion of the System Successors with a simple statement from Paul.

    “We came, we saw…we ate until we couldn’t tell time anymore.”

    Dinner has ended.

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