Everyone’s favorite robot nurse has brought the others to the party, though she was unable to drag the rejuvenated Mrs. Haywood, now calling herself Lady Hey, away from the dessert bar.  Even so, here stand the stars of the comic about ridiculous robots that were a part of the System universe the whole time, even though it was kept a secret during the series’ run.  Georgia the waitress, Callie the kindergarten teacher, Caroline the nurse and Rhoda the nanny have been enjoying their retirement for a while now, and have easily transitioned into a life surrounded by the people they used to think were nothing more than comic book characters with their leader as the boss of the techs.

    “That’s right!” Duplica remembers.  “In XI, AB was the inventors of the techbots, but that was you in VII, wasn’t it, Packy?”

    “Well, I wouldn’t say invented,” he shyly declines.  “I funded the starting of the project, so people just assume I invented them.  It’s not like I could clarify such a thing after I was dead, ha ha.”

    “Eh,” says Rhoda, “you’re still Grandpops to us.”

    “Grandpops…Gramps…Big Sis!”  Duplica politely steps away, says hi to AB and then rushes for her phone.  “Ally, where are you?”

    “I’m almost done.  I’ll be heading back soon.”

    This is great news.  “If we wait, can you make it to Juniper?  We’re having the greatest party ever, and I know a short young lady who will call you her favorite Christmas present if you show up.”

    “Aw, man!  That sounds awesome, but when I say ‘almost done,’ I doubt it’ll be in time for all that.  Would you mind making it up to me when I get off?  We can get everyone together and go racing.”

    Her joy slightly deflated, Cat agrees, “We can, as long as you actually show up.”

    This changes when Ally asks, “Does it make things a bit more concrete to hear that I already ordered reservations?  I just haven’t paid for anything yet until I know for sure when I’ll be done.  Just because I’ll be miserably late doesn’t mean I don’t plan on spending some time with you guys later today.  If I practice the art of actually showing up, will you practice the art of patience?”

    For Ally to reserve something is pretty groundbreaking for her, so Cat agrees.  “We have a deal, Big Sis.  Now, let me call Doug and then I’ll hunt down that loser Abigail around here.  She’s probably at her house, sleeping, not even aware that her niece and nephew are having a party just down the street.  One day, I’m going to recruit her for a field trip, or something.”

    “Hahahahahaha!”  This is a scene Ally would love to see.  “Good luck with that.  Greet Doug for me.  Love you, sis.”

    “Love you!”  And with this, Duplica calls her man to check on him.

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