Chris expounds.  “My brothers and I went to college campuses to focus on people from overseas so they could take the Word of God back home with them.  Xames, his wife, our sister Sarah and her husband all pursued the plan of starting in Old Belarus and gradually traveling as far east as possible.  Sarah, however, eventually felt led to start an orphanage, thus leaving the far missions trek to Xames and his wife Megan.  I think Pac mentioned I also used my writing to teach God’s truths as well, reviving Pac’s old works and adding to them.  In all of this, there were these five crazy techbots that spent their days lovingly tormenting the likes of Trixie Todd, Christopher Todd, Cynthia and Melanie, and the sweet, dear Mrs. Haywood.  Our journey finally ended the day Trixie and Virginia discussed their backup plan for if the Rapture were to occur in their lifetimes.  Little did they know that this chat was being had in the series finale to a storyboard that would be redirecting its inhabitants to the Drawing Board where they’d be gently exposed to the truth of the System.  Mind you, SBVII did have its own little Tribulation story, but our lesson ends with Trixie because…well, why don’t you compare her with Rue Patterson?”

    After heeding Chris’s advice, Kammy points out the obvious.  “They almost look identical!”

    “Aye!” the black-haired Scottish woman finally speaks for herself.  “I hope it’s okay if I tell my own story.  After my lovely days with my rambunctious sisters—Ollie survived the boat sinkin’, by the way.  We met as old mummies near the end of our lives, heh heh—I grew up and got married, and had me a wee family.  I loved it.  I grew old and kicked the bucket, but my family kept growing without me until that feisty Arro of mine was born, grew up and saved two countries from the grip of the devil, with divine intervention, of course.  You can figure out how Trixie comes in, I hope.  She’s my descendant!”

    The kids all marvel at this, and after a moment of soaking this in, Pac recaps.

    “You set out to learn about people who made choices.  Some of them were smacked in the face with horrible circumstances, and responded by doing horrible things themselves.  Others chose to follow the Lord.  Rue, precious Prudence Primrose Patterson of Little Deli Island, chose to love God, even when the whole world hated her.  It was this love that pulled her through the worst days of her nine-year-old life, and it was this love that carried over to the parents of Arro and Lil Legonair, with the two God-fearing parents sending their kids to the Christian school where they met James Scott.  Lil went on to be a missionary in Africa while Arro followed God’s calling to enter the military, and it was by God’s power that Arro was able to free two nations from the evil Zocartra.  Then, years later, it was that same love for God that held the Todd family together during the dark days that precious family endured.  It was this love for the Lord that helped those precious souls remain ‘all cheerful and rosie.’  One little, terrified Scottish girl chose to love a God she couldn’t see or feel, and it was that love that shaped Storyboard VII.”

    “Aw, don’t go pinnin’ it all on me,” Rue says, smiling.  “You lot all did your parts.  Don’t go losin’ your heads over me now.”

    The Scotts look at her with accusing eyes.  Rue just looks back at them, her eyes relaying the message, “Yeah?  And?”

    “Also,” Rue says, “Since movin’ to Juniper, even though I’m a deader and all—love hangin’ out with Victoria all day now that she’s not a nervous quisling—I have my own SG armor and everything, AND I’ve met, like, five other versions of myself, including Rat Food Rue, as I call her, from XL.  All the travelin’s why my accent’s so tame these days.”

    “Okay, lesson over,” Duplica quickly quips.  “Any questions not pertaining to the Rat Food statement?”  With this, some questions are asked, and some laughs are had, but other than that, things return to casual mode as this is a party.  Even so, Faye and Kammy stay as close to Rue as possible, until Kam’s gradual movement toward Emily Scott leaves Faye alone with Rue.  Gigi talks battle tips with Hikari while Owan does the same with Arro, though the latter conversation is rather one-sided, considering Arro doesn’t talk much.  Owan did learn, thanks to Duplica, that Arro is the person a certain two male techbots are based off of in Virginia’s family tree.  The things you learn!

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