“Yes, indeed!  James, the one the Ruyngardians called the Crimson Prince for his color choice when wearing their style of clothing, answered the call from God, but his response resulted in Eric tagging along, and it was Eric who shared the Gospel of Christ with the son of the man once seeking to know the God of the universe.  Funny how that works.  Well, eventually, James and Eric even gained an audience from Princess Detrina of Ruyngard.  In case you’re wondering, the world may have placed this country under the name of a larger political power, but the Ruyngardians simply ignored the conventional maps and considered themselves an oppressed nation.  Nonetheless, Detrina became a believer and sought to aid James in his evangelistic efforts.  However, James and Eric received bitter opposition from the strangest source, Eric’s father.”

    James VII takes the story.  “I know it’s odd out of context, but Dr. Samuson Johnst had become the leader of our home country, Japan.  This was due to his friendship with a powerful man named Zocartra that all accounts highly imply was demon possessed.  At any rate, Japan deemed Christianity dangerous and murdered the saints in swift cruelty.  Not only this, Johnst even influenced the leaders of Ruyngard, seeing how his son was so familiar with the higher ups, to kill Detrina and remove our ‘cancerous superstition’ from the territory before we could corrupt them all.  It’s kind of awkward to say this with me standing here, fully intact, but Emily and I got our heads chopped off because of her dad.  Well, Zocartra had betrayed and killed Johnst by then, but you get the point.  Boy, did I find a surprise when I learned I was just an illustration inside another Christian’s mind, one level down from the real world where God is in charge of everything.  All the same, whether in the flesh or indirectly through the System Director, my mission is unchanged, so I’ve not lost even an ounce of reality or purpose in God’s service.”

    “I’m glad to have my head back, though,” Emily admits.

    James is too humble to say it, so Pac says it for him.  “God also used James to defeat Zocartra just as XI’s Scott defeated Zocar.  At the very moment James and Em sat in prison, awaiting their fate and praying for God to relieve the affected countries of the persecution, a young soldier named Death Arro was infiltrating the main office of Zocartra and accomplished his mission of effectively removing the monster from the land of the living.  The villain died the very moment that James was praying miles away.  It’s just too bad this news didn’t come in time to save my friends.  But his legacy lived on, and it’s that legacy that brought a new missionary couple to Ruyngard a generation later, and it was this couple that led Hikari Daiki to the Lord.  This Hikari was the daughter of the man Eric Johnst had converted years earlier, and it was this Hikari that sought Death Arro when persecution returned to Ruyngard.  Despite the apathetic attitudes of those around her, Hikari did what she could to help Arro free her land of tyranny, eventually paving the way for James’ son Rowan to follow in his late father’s footsteps of being a missionary to Ruyngard.  However, only three generations later, James Scott’s descendants were ruling Ruyngard, but only briefly with the lineage ending up all the way in Germany…which is where this guy comes in.”

    Taking his cue, Christian Scott continues the history lesson.  “By our time, we had some access to the likes of robots and a few flying vehicles.  In fact, when my siblings and I were drafted into the army in the major European war against the Italian dictator Arion Ike, we were involved in one of the most famous battles of our time, ‘The Dance with Metal Death.’  Once the war was over, however, we former soldiers sought to follow the Lord in taking His truth to the whole world.”

    Gigi interrupts, “So, that’s why you’re wearing that armor, Xames, to show us what you wore during that battle, and, I guess, to contrast your armor with the armor that belongs to Xames Scott of SBX.”

    “Indeed.  Very astute!”

    Though impressed, Chris politely interrupts the two so he can finish.  “My siblings and I used all sorts of methods, from social media pages to online video servers to you name it, to share the Gospel with everyone.

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