Unable to contain her trivia, Duplica exposes the secret to her students.  “Entoni, Gracie, Faye, Owan, Kammy, Paul…welcome back to the modern day.  Your career as time-travelers has come to an end.  From now on, all our field trips will be in our own time, and what better way to introduce you to that fact than by telling you you’re in the Juniper District right now?”

    The group doesn’t know what to do with themselves.  They stare at Duplica, then at each other before joining in a very elated group hug and high five.

    “Oh, that’s not the only surprise I have for you.  There’s one more storyboard I want you to learn about, but I put the shoe on the other foot and had them come to you.  I mean, we’re standing in their back yard these days, but all the same, here they are.  We System Guards have mentioned them so many times, and our class even visited their old universe on the way to the exam today, learning about a team not even related to whom I’m about to introduce.  Now, you get to meet the famous stars of one of the System Director’s favorite storyboards…VII.”

    The tall man in the gray shirt introduces everyone.  “I’m Patrick Derm, and this is my beautiful inspiration, my wife, Ivory Nocturne of Storyboard VII, not to be confused with Pac’s wife from XI.  That is our version of Christian Scott, his wife Mera and his older brother Xames at the end down there.  We’ll get to the lovely young woman in the pink skirt soon enough.  Next to her is our James Scott and his wonderful Emily.  Next to them is Arro Legonair, known to our history as Death Arro, and that’s his protégé Hikari Daiki.  I mentioned Xames, but I hope you recognize the two beauties beside him.  They are techbot Virginia and her best friend Trixie Todd from All Cheerful & Rosie.”

    Christian speaks, exposing his slight German accent.  “I am glad to call Virginia and Trixie my friends, having met them during one of my visits to America shortly before our storyboard ended.  Shall we get started with our tale, Pac?”

    Nodding, Packy starts the final lesson of the old storyboards.  “First, it should be noted that there have been times when the System Director would give his position to some of us, allowing us to run things while he sat back and watched.  So, when Missy of XI grew up thinking she’d marry the System Director, she was spot on, because AB himself filled in as System Director while the author enjoyed being an audience to his own stories.  That’s not to say the author wasn’t in control.  He just chose not to interact with his stories as opposed to his typical fashion.

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