“Should I leave?” he eagerly points and makes use of his motions to hastily offer his removal.

    “Too late now, lover boy,” Faye begrudges.

    Politely walking over to him, Kammy knows what she wants to say.  “You already heard everything, so I’ve nothing to hide.  Elf, I’m sorry for anything I might have done in the battle to play with your emotions.  You’re my friend.  Yes, I would like to date you, one day…in the far distant future, but I’m not sure if I like you or if it’s just our mutual interests that I find invigorating.  I might like Paul, so that’s why I don’t bother picking anyone.  We’ve got a few years, so despite the jokes, there’s no reason to make a big deal of it now.  I’ll try to tone down the flirting, though.  As a geek, I’m not used to being so open, so I guess I was overdoing it a bit.  I didn’t mean to.  And let’s stop with the handshaking thing.  I don’t want to encourage you to take advantage of the simple things like that.  It was immature.  So, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go find someone to interview regarding our rich System Guard history…and leave you to your Infinite Fate.”

    The two friends stare in awe at the nickname so nonchalantly dropped as Kammy Crystal walks away.  They then look at each and exchange playful looks of disgust for one another.

    Stopping to get one more comment in, Kammy looks back and dreamily says, “For all the faces we wear, one of the happiest moments is when we can take off all the façades, and one day…you’ll all finally see who I really am.  Oh!  I’d better remind Paul we have a game of chancing his still owes me.  Oh, happy day!”

    And with this confusing rambling done, the two victims of philosophical poetry have a moment to themselves.  Faye crosses her arms, not sure she calls this a victory or another game of life.  “So, what are we then?  When I want to talk about dating, you act like I’m a child, but when I’m over it, then all the sudden, you make idiotic comments about our future.  I tried to give you away, and here you are even closer, all the curtains pulled back and I’m left at square one.  What’s next, oh kind-hearted general?”

    “Well, that was fun to hear,” says Elf.  “You’re not the same.  You’re not pushy.  You’re not selfish or childish.  You care about your friends and point them to God, even if they get mad.  You’re confident in your brain and, well, I guess I like what you’re becoming.  I’m not ready to date yet, obviously, and you’ll probably say the same of yourself in the next week or so, knowing you.  So, I figure if we keep dawdling with the subject, that’ll hold us off until the time is right when we’re older.  So, if you want to stop the brother-sister thing now, I’m fine with that.  Can I trust you to be responsible like that?”

    “He…” the devious laughs begin, “He he, so, does that mean…” she looks at him, kind of like Kammy did when she humiliated him with a sea of fire in front of the entirety of the System Guard army. “Hm, does that mean I win?”  She is happy to say this, but stops herself and thinks of a better wording, “So, do you mean you like me, too?  Yeah, that sounds fair.”

    “Yeah, I guess I do.” Elf’s attitude toward the answer is humorous.  He’s not uncaring, but if you expect him to be mushy or nervous about this kind of thing, you don’t know calm and collected Elfer.  “Don’t get carried away, Faye.  We’re not dating or half-dating or promising to one day date.  I like you.  Might as well say it, and last I checked, you like me, too.  So, let’s face it and act accordingly.  You can’t be huggin’ all over me like a sister and call me your potential boyfriend.  I mean, you’re not too touchy or anything, but you get my point.  To whom much is given, much is required, you know.  Uh, let’s see.  What else?”

    Eagerly nodding her head, reaching into her purse for a notepad and pencil, Faye eagerly lets Elf get his thoughts together for what’s going to be his boring, rigid lecture on how they should act around each other if they’re going to be open about their feelings.  He’s traveled to so many eras in history and seen the destruction of compromise and letting one’s guard down, so he wants to make sure his friendship with Faye, which he cherishes so highly, is taken care of with the utmost of care.  So yeah, while Faye’s dreams come true, we’ll check on the others.

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