Faye will have to get over Elfie forsaking her alright, because that’s what he’s shamelessly doing now as he sees a line forming around a great host of tables the Asteroid Sisters, Fiona and such the like have all set up with more food on them than is healthy for one gathering.  “Gluttonous pig,” Faye complains, though she can’t deny she’s about to follow Elfie’s lead.  The food is gotten, the customers are seated and the consumption of culinary perfection begins.  I wonder which cook will win this time.

    “Kam Kam,” says Uncle O as he enjoys the ancient treat identified by Amy Scott as baked beans, “you’ve taught your Red O something spectacular today.  I’m always so impressed with Grandpa James and the others in the Scott crew that I neglect the other folks in my bloodline.”  Looking around, Owan names off other people around that he needs to give more homage to in embracing his heritage.  “I’ve got the blood of Astro Bomber, Missy, Andrew Griffin, Tyler Griffin for that matter, Pac and Ivy Derm, Buck Shiloh, Brian Shiloh, Adam Baylor, Natalie Baylor, and on and on.  James Pin, Bryan Sims, Warner of Ruyngard and the mighty Death Arro are all folks in my family tree that need just as much shine as the same seven or so people we always point back to.  I think I will make that a goal for the next year.  Besides, if I’m so predictable based on one or two people I obsess over while you and Faye are like a lottery machine, which I don’t promote, then I’m miserable doomed to an infinite fate.”

    “That’s really great to hear you say,” Kammy says, munching her potato chip burger she made, thanks to the wise guidance of Clara Scott nearby, “but it’s not Kam Kam.  Let’s try Sky Kam.”

    CFA sisters Kam-E and Sky Griffin second this, “Holla’!”

    While some present at the table are wanting to press more into this issue of K.C. constantly, unreservedly expressing her feelings for Elf like Faye used to do, the accepted option is to politely overlook this and let Duplica and Jo handle this later, away from the hundreds of family members now encircling them.  For the time being, the food is the main topic at hand.  From barbecued chicken, to mac ‘n cheese, to casseroles, lasagnas and deliciously exotic dishes from all over the multiverse, our kids enjoy flavors they’ve never dreamed of.  And that’s before the desserts pile in.  The only reason they don’t die five minutes into eating so much is because their loving Infinite relatives are able to temporarily adjust their digestive physiology to easily handle the inhuman amount of nourishment.  Just call it the SG All-Natural Insta-Diet.  It’s a great day to have a stomach!

    Every day is a good day to have a stomach.

    Sometime later in the day, the teens are able to move about as they talk to this person and that, with the core group eventually finding time to themselves for a bit.  As the New Three stand away from everyone else, Faye and Gigi have some tough questions for Kammy.

    “So then,” Faye starts, “I guess we have some mysteries that need solving right now for this friendship to remain strong.  Kammy, I get it; you apparently really like Elf, and I’m fine with that.  I’m not even sure how much longer I can convince myself that I’m over him either.  But the way you’ve been playing with everyone the entire trip, with the cards and the flirting with every boy, and switching back and forth between trying to help us and chewing us out to use our emotions against us in battle.  Where’s the real Kammy in all that?  How do I know the rest of our friendship won’t just be more data to be collected, more setup for you to take advantage of in the exams?  And how did you know we would be fighting one another?  I want to trust you Kammy, but regardless of your intensions, I feel manipulated, and I don’t feel like your real friend.”

    “I have to say I feel the same way,” says Gigi.  “The way you talked to me during our fight…you made me feel like I was worthless, nothing…like I’m too immature to be on par with you guys.  The way you were surprised at my strength made me realize how much I had cheated myself because I believed yours lies that I was so reckless in my fighting habits.”  Gigi tries not to weep as she finds herself whispering, “You made me feel like Paul.”  Using her friend as an example of incompetence is pretty low, but that aside, Gigi is doing well in being honest with Kam.

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