“This is Jetta Jenson here with the powerful young champion of Dogwood HQ’s System Guard Military Academy, Kamron Crystal Meyers, and her overly enthralled grandmother, Jocelyn Meyers.  Congratulations, Kammy, on the crushing dominance over your opponents, showing us that in each of your fights, every move made was all a part of the victory you had easily claimed well before the bell had even rung.  Now, Kammy, what was that apocalyptic move, the astronomical assault with which you solidified your victory against Entoni Rug?”

    Kammy waves to some lucky fan in the crowd as she speaks.  “You guys—” she’s interrupted by a brief spark of cheers, “You guys really know how to throw a party.”  There’s more cheering as she waves to more of her ancestors.  The noise lowers, and her speech resumes.  “Entoni, you’re a really sweet friend, and I am honored to have had this opportunity to battle with you.  Good job, and good job to all my friends.  I hope you’re not planning any revenge for when we get back, ha ha.  That final attack was something that A.J. Scar used to do, and I presume he still does, that’s a part of his Doulos techniques.  I personally call it the Servant’s Heart Attack.  With A.J.’s theme being based on a godly servant, this particular attack takes the idea that a godly servant will sometimes have to be willing to endure harsh enmity from others in order to reach them most effectively and exaggerates the concept to an absurdly unbalanced level of making the user of the attack a helpless punching bag while all the time storing up the power from this assault until it’s time to give back everything that was smacked onto the person who’s been preparing this return of damage.  While it’s understood that the principle its based on should be viewed as, ‘Be willing to patiently take grief and just let God handle the rest,’ the witty application of the battle skill is a great physical attack that every System Guard should add to their arsenal.”

    “Yes, indeed,” agrees Jetta, “as a Christian, one should be willing to patiently endure the bad manners and such of others.  However, you should never let that be an excuse to get walked all over, and you should definitely never keep your hurts bottled up inside, with them gushing out in uncontrollably rage when you’ve had enough.  All the Servant’s Heart Attack does is make a tongue-in-cheek reference to patiently dealing with others, and thus, should never have its strategy be viewed as a complete lesson on how to deal with those who test your limits.”

    After more conversing with Jetta and more acclaim from those around her, Kammy politely guide’s Jetta’s microphone towards her and looks for her friends.  “Guys, you can’t just leave me up here by myself.  This was our exam, not mine.  Come on up already!”  This peppy invitation warmly draws the class up and as soon as everyone is together, the girls hug and congratulate each other.  The guys are there.  There’s congratulating and fist pumps and so forth with the kids all waving at the crazy crowd of extended family from several different storyboards here to see this impressive display given by the System Guards of tomorrow.  Then, as the two finalists face each other as former opponents, they’re able to have that congratulatory handshake they’ve been promising each other, and they’re able to enjoy it without the barriers of it being someone else’s hand or being pulled away from each other.  All the same, while they do make it a point to enjoy these short nanoseconds of fun, they’re responsible enough to not let this last terribly long.  With the grasps released, they subconsciously agree with one another to focus on everyone else for now.  They can always hang out when they get back to school.

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