These two words are spoken when Elfie’s eyes spot some of Kammy’s hair dug into the ground.  It is too late.  Out from the ground shoots a small forest of hair strands that wouldn’t be a problem if Entoni wasn’t already so tired.  Even so, the initial wave is enough to slow him down until the real hair attack can unleash itself on the victim, tying him up in the jungle of Kammy’s blonde terror.

    “Ha ha ha!  You’re such a cute guy, Elf!” Kam is heard saying as she quickly leaps up.  “Before I win, I just want to be clear about something.  I’m not saying whether I like you or not, but just know it’s not something I’d make up for the sake of winning a fight.  If I don’t like you, I’m not going to be a jerk and intentionally make you think otherwise.  Now, prepare to shake the hand of the champion.”

    Kammy takes a cute victor’s pose and uses an attack that she actually started around the time she displayed signs of slowing down.

    “She’s not,” A.J. Scar whispers in excited disbelief.

    “The gorgeous little thief,” Amy giddily admires.


    Kamron Crystal Meyers screams her joyful heart out and her frame unleashes every bit of Ent’s Asteroid Belt attack back on him, along with other attacks the girl’s being absorbing for some time now.  Thoroughly trapped, exhausted from using up all his power and completely overwhelmed by the full volume of all the attacks he’s been dishing out now all dumping back on him at once, poor Elfie almost instantly teleports into the bleachers when obliterated by the impact of this unforgiving wave.  Duplica’s eyes spin in a daze as she holds her head, begging the world to stop spinning.

    “Uh, Mom,” Gracie timidly says, “aren’t you forgetting someone?”

    “Yeah, sure, honey,” the poor teacher barely lets out.

    As she undigitizes her son, everyone around laughs as he’s making the same wobbly motions his half-conscious mother is making.

    “Ha ha ha ha!” Returning her hair to normal, Kammy Jo firmly holds her pose of triumph as she gladly welcomes the cheers of the roaring crowd.

    “Hey, champ,” Jo reminds her, “you need a ref to raise your hand in victory, you know.”

    “Oh, right,” Kam’s smile drops in distraction as she catches on to Jo’s loving hint.  Granny releases the little champion and holds her hand up so everyone can look at Kammy Crystal herself and cheer her on for the masterful planning skills that helped her to relentlessly decimate everyone she’s fought today.  While the crowd jumps, and flies, in their exhilaration, former Ruyngardian news reporter for RNL now turned System Guard, Jetta Jenson, wastes no time pulling the duo aside for a quick interview.

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