“You had some snot, so I picked it for you,” is his defense.

    Laughing, she smiles, having Jo nervously push her own hair back like Kammy is doing in digital land right now.  “Thanks, Elf.  I’m sorry.  I’m ready to keep fighting.”  And with this, the friends commence another round of blows, but things only get worse for Kammy until she can definitely tell Elf is going easy on her.  Now is the time the end should come.  “Entoni,” she rages, “you should be winning this fight already.  I’m not a girl.  I’m not Paul.  I’m your opponent.  Hit me with everything you’ve got, or you’ll lose all my respect for you!”

    Elf finds this offensive, but he gets the point.  He’s about to oblige, but Kam is not satisfied with her rant.  “Are you ready to beat me now?” she mocks angrily, “Is this when the great Elfie shows his mighty power?  You’d better not disappoint me and give some ‘Oh, let me help you lose like a champion’ attack, Ent.  I’m ready for whatever you can hit me with, so don’t insult me by treating me like Paul or Faye!”

    “Fine, if that’s how it is!” Elf roars, but his intended attack isn’t so easily dished out as Kammy won’t let him just whomp her in the face with it.  This is her last array of attacks as she doesn’t want any doubt left in her mind about if she might have stood a chance of winning if she had just thought of this or that.  And of course, her temper is at its highest, throwing all sorts of highly annoying commands and such at Elf.  She’s doing good not to be cruel or mean, just annoying and overwhelming, seeing how this is a heated battle, you know.  At any rate, Elf starts to realize that Kammy’s attacks are getting sloppy, meaning that Ent should be able to fend her off while preparing a final attack.  This last move, however, will have a little more spice added to it as Elf is admittedly getting tired of Kamron’s mouth.  “If she wants me to treat her like Owan, then she’s going to feel the full effect of that while I can actually get away with it for once, heh heh.”

    Elf puts his last plan into action and succeeds in setting up his last technique for the fight.  He’s decided to go with a fully powered Asteroid Belt, an Asteroid Boy classic.  As Elf lifts up in the air, his hands go up and with a mighty cry, he yells, “ASTEROID BELT!”

    “Oh, snot!” Kammy fearfully whimpers as she sees the wave of green fire barreling down upon her, quickly letting Kamron know she talks way too much.

    The crowd watches in amazement as one of AB’s most famous attacks is being used to thoroughly annihilate the competition.  Oh, and let’s not discount the profound scene of Duplica, Astro Bomber’s successor, performing the attack of her beloved “Gramps” for all her ancestors to see, and doing this with her son in his finest hour?  Wow!  Please don’t cry.  Okay, we’re gonna’ cry.  Man tears, bruh.

    There lies poor Jo on the ground, green smoke slowly clearing out as she shows no signs of movement, signifying the state Kammy’s in right now.  Elf huffs and watches her to ensure that she’s legitimately done with, but also to make sure she’s okay.  They still have that handshake to be had.

    “Fiona,” says Ally Horn, “could you ask for a more climactic way to win a match?”

    “That was awe-inspiring,” agrees Sakuro, “but I think there’s one very important rule we need to point out here.  See Kammy Jo lying on the ground motionless there?  Why hasn’t she teleported to the crowd yet?”

    That is a good question, Fiona, and Ent is about to find out as he cautiously approaches his fallen classmate.  He knows she should teleport out but is hopeful that this being the final fight may have a different effect.  It’s possible he won and they simply forgot.  But he’s not taking that for granted.  Elf is about to close in on the motionless Kammy when he remembers her hair attack.  If she is playing opossum, she might try to trap him.  Thus, he stops walking toward her, having barely remembered this before stepping by her dangerous follicles.  Scanning her for any signs of life, he hears an odd sound coming from her head.  He looks at her hair again and sees no difference, at first.  “Oh no.”

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