“We will soon find out,” Fiona answers, “as the mother and grandmother have come to announce the final phase of this exam.”

    “Entoni…” Cat says with an obvious plot hinted in her tone.

    “Kammy…” Jo echoes, following Cat’s lead.

    Then together, they simply say, “Start fighting each other.”

    The two share a nervous glance, knowing something is about to happen, and it has nothing to do with them exchanging blows.  Kammy is the first to speak, “This is romantic and all, but you know I can’t fight Elfie.  He’s a guy.  That’d be inappropriate.  So, what’s up?”

    Trying to ignore her blatant declaration of love, Ent agrees with the logical part of her statement.  “Mom, what have you two got planned?”

    “He he he he!” Jo starts eagerly laughing.

    “You get to use Powered, silly,” Cat explains.  “Like I’d let you hit a girl, you rude boy.  So, are you ready for the vehicle I’ve chosen for you?”

    “Uh, I guess?” Ent says, now afraid he’s going to be squashed inside some robot girl.

    “Kammy, hon, I picked out the perfect Powered for you as well.  She’s a real beauty.”

    Despite all her apprehensions about Powered history, Kam can’t help but be captivated by the science of it all.  “Show her to me.  I might as well try her out and see if I like piloting Powered.”

    As soon as Kammy says this, she and Entoni are trapped in rays of light cast at them by Duplica and Jocelyn, and in a few short seconds, the two kids are digitized and are each stored in the circular power gem at the center of the collar armor of their respective relative.

    “Hey,” says Cat, “never thought a simple choice of armor jewelry would make for such a convenient temporary cockpit, but I like it.”

    “Ha ha!” Jo chortles.  “The looks of terror on their faces was rich.  Honey, can you hear me in there?”

    You get the picture.  Cat and Jo are the vehicles for this fight.  That way, it’s just the kids being digitized inside their mom and grandma, allowing for the two girls to spar on their behalf.  Of course, it’s not as simple as them representing the kids.  You’ll see.

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