“Come on, Elf!” cheers AB.

    “Don’t take no junk!” cries James Scott.

    “You got this, babe!” Missy encourages.

    “Keep your mind focused, O!” shouts Emily Scott.

    “I have to admit Elf is pretty good,” says Amy Scott, “but he’s still no Owan Meyers.”

    “Good thing you’re not getting graded for your opinions,” teases Cici.

    However, no amount of cheering and encouragement from either side can substitute for the personal efforts and strengths of the fighters themselves.  With Elfie throwing his explosive Star Cloud and Owan responded with his Quasar Cannon, their might is exceedingly remarkable.

    “The Quasar Cannon?  Isn’t that your move, hon?” Missy notes.

    AB quickly concludes, “Eh, it’s red.  Seems legit to me.”

    “Don’t be greedy,” complains Amy, “Nobody said the kids have to use certain people’s moves.”

    “I’m surprised Kammy never uses any of yours, for that matter, hon,” Amy’s husband A.J. Scar casually adds.

    “Do you want me to throw you into the arena, Mr. Scar?” Amy warns.

    With a smirk, he retorts, “It depends on whether I’m fighting the boys or you.”

    While the grownups continue to rant and rave, the time comes for the final moments as the boys throw their last barrages of boom.  However, it all comes down to the mastery of the System Swords as these two furiously clash to see which one handles the art of the blade better.  That’s when it happens.

    “HUAG!” cries Owan in agony.

    “OWAN, I’M SORRY!” Elf freaks out.

    When two teens are playing with swords, what do you think is going to happen?  Owan got stabbed in the side, and at a pretty vital place to breathing in a healthy fashion.  Before the two can even take time to process the horrible accident, Owan teleports to the stands where Paul is sitting and quickly finds his “wound” nonexistent.

    “You dweebs!” Duplica cries out, she would laugh if not insulted by their fear.  “You really think we’re that careless?  Of course, we safety locked your attacks to not cause actual, uh well, nonrepairable damage?  I ought to fail every one of you right now for such a faithless insult to the care and love of your wise Lady Duplica.”

    “I still trust you,” yells Paul.

    “You fail next year’s course already for faking it, Paul,” Duplica says teasingly.

    “Whatever,” says Jo, “Paul, you’re straight up graduating for that.”  The boy laughs a bit as the two teachers joke a little more with him.

    These jokes, however, should not take away from the reality of what just happened.  Entoni Rug beat Owan Meyers.  And now, it’s time to fight Kammy?  Let’s see how Cat is going to set this up so the two can have a good, clean fight without violating any guy-girl standards.  Can’t have men beating on women, you know.

    “Honey, come here,” Duplica instructs her son, and so he complies.

    “You, too, sweetie,” is the sweetly spoken order to Kammy as Jocelyn goes to stand by Catherine.  It’s after this directive that the two parents and their respective offspring stand in the arena with the rules of the next phase being dished out.

    “Ladies, and gentlemen,” Ally Horn comments, “so far, we’ve seen the young Paul make his valiant come back, falling in graceful style.  We’ve seen Kamron Crystal Meyers manipulate her way to the top with the most beautiful strategy I’ve seen in a while, and now, we have the mighty, young Entoni Franklin about to face his final opponent, having overcome his best friend and rival Owan Meyers.  Can Ent defeat Owan’s niece, or will the Meyers clan prove they’re not done yet?”

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