“Let her lose!” commands Faye.  “It’ll help her get over herself.”

    This stops Grace dead in her sky-bound tracks, allowing Kammy to nail her square in the cheek, sending her Nova mask down below.  This is Kamron’s time to capitalize on Grace Rug’s weakness, and she does just that…by continuing to attack Faye instead.

    As her friends fight, Gracie feels the tears adorn her slowly swelling cheek.  “I really deserved that.  If this were a life-and-death fight, I’d have enough maturity to work with people that make me mad instead of huffing like a kid.  Fine, I’ll help her.  It’s just Kammy, my sister.  And Faye, my sister sister, who is patient enough to wait until I’m ready to hear what she’s been trying to tell me, she’s a great friend, too.  Okay, Gigi, go beat up Faye.”

    Now that Gigi has sacrificed a bit of her stubbornness, she and Kammy are able to pin Faye in a danger zone of attacks.  The little one makes a valiant effort to strike back at key moments, but Kamron actually takes these shots for Gigi to ensure that this fight remains a two-on-one bout.  Soon, however, Crystal shoots a quick message to Grace.

    “Hey, do you have any attacks that could definitely win, if I held her still?”

    Gracie is thoroughly pleased as she knows what this fool-hearted idea means for Grace’s chances of sneaking an easy win.  “It really depends on how much we’ve weakened her.  You good with reading iu-vitals?”

    Surprisingly, the thought never occurred to Kammy.  “Are you serious?  Gigi, you’re a G-genius!”      “Aw, why thanks, pal!”  Gigi thinks of what’s in her arsenal as Kam tries to figure out a thing.

    Unfortunately, Crystal doesn’t think there’s enough time to figure it out.  “Grace, we can’t take the time to guess.  If we’re going to do this, it has to be while we’re still a step ahead of her before who knows what she might pull out of nowhere.”  This is enough to convince Grace, so a plan is quickly put into action, with Kam distracting Faye while Gi prepares a thing.  Kammy is startled, however, when Gigi, not only stores up enough power for her attack without knowing it, but even expresses disappointment that she has to stop charging it early.  When the moment of truth arrives, Kammy draws Faye in and falls flat on her backside.  “Oof!”

    “Clumsy all the sudden?”  Faye loudly taunts her fallen opponent before trembling at the calm reply.

    “Oh, aren’t you though?”  And having barely given this answer, K.C. Meyerz quickly shows every student and every teacher watching exactly why she stopped bothering with pigtail ropes long ago.  Only two ropes are not nearly enough.  “How do you like my Sea of Cords, Faye, my dear?!  Okay, Gigi, stop staring at my new hair attack and hit her already.  Don’t worry about frying my locks.  I can obviously grow more.”

    That’s right, Gigi is staring at her little friend trapped in a massive web of hair extending from K.C.’s head.  Grace shrugs and throws her attack which surprises even the user with how effectively it empties Faye’s stamina meter, thus sealing her defeat.  This successful victory is short lived for Grace, however, as Kammy is free of her obligations and goes full force on the lone opponent.  Between getting the first strike, speaking more mind games along the way and eventually returning to the hair attack, Kammy is able to overwhelm Gigi before she is able to respond with any competent counter.  Much to the crowd’s amazement, K.C. Meyerz the Tactician has, not only succeeded in beating both girls, but she did it using the strategy she started with from the start of the fight.  Now, that’s patience.  That’s some mad genius right there.

    And what about you, boys?  How are Owan and Elfie doing?

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