“Yo’s truly was made the boss after Missy, Charity and the others headed out.  Kat and Renee helped me, of course, but Kat was glad to embrace her new life as a helper and not as a rookie SG randomly thrown into being in charge out of nowhere and then trying to make everyone happy while a force no one ever warned about suddenly brainwashed everyone to want the dirty.  When you see it that way, you can understand how poor Kat got sidetracked, and she wasn’t even the one who felt the fall.  She willingly gave it up because she admitted she needed help and was trying to prevent the very thing that other people let happen, so don’t go blamin’ Kat.  She did her best and beat herself up for someone else’s mistake.  And that someone else, those someone elses both got right and aren’t even a shadow of the girls they once were, so props to them!  After a few good Ruyngardian years with our HQ friends, we finally parted ways.  Missy and her gang took all the CFA guys and gals that wanted to go back to become permanent recruits.  The rest of us stayed behind and worked together to make sure what happened to Ruyngard in its darkest hour never, EVER happens again.  AND having been dead for quite a while now, I can tell you I’ve gotten the preview for how things have turned out since my grand exit.  Andrew and Sakura are rockin’ the scene, and they visit the Juniper D., so we stay up-to-date on the happenings of our old stomping ground.  And that’s the end of the story of the CFA.”

    “HA!” says Ally Horn.

    “Not even!” echoes Fiona.  “CFA is no longer a Ruyngard-based event, but is now what it was always meant to be before Allure got a hold of it, the greatest sparring competition in history!  And that is about to be painfully true for six young System trainees that need to take their places.  Hint, Hint!”

    The kids all anxiously look around them to see a most startling sight.  Not only are they surrounded by many of their heroes, old and new, as they’re about to show off whether or not they’re anywhere near as good as their forerunners, but behind the crowds of their mentors and examples, the scenery itself rapidly shifts as there is no reason to linger in the past.  That’s right; since everyone here is from the present anyway, whether dead or alive, there’s no reason why we can’t host this bout in the HQ of Andrew and Sakura Griffin.  I’m not saying all of the System is here, no not at all.  Still, it’s a pretty hefty party.  Even Ally J. is back to cheer on her daughter.

    Ally Horn, on the other hand, is who we’re focusing on as she introduces the men.  “To my left, hovering in the air are three of the Dogwood Galaxy’s finest young men, eagerly training to be the next generation of System Guards.  We have Entoni Franklin Rug, the Elf!  His opponent is Owan Meyes, I call him Red OOooooo!  And the third mountain of muscle in the sky with them is none other than Paaaaaauuulll!”

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