“Also, she wanted to make Eppie suffer for betraying her.  So, skipping ahead in favor of your competition, Allure and her girls fought me, Mom and Grandmama in the most amazing display of family unity and giving one’s past to Christ.  Here was a bratty little chump having restored her relationship with her mother facing the very creature she was becoming.  I refused to lead our family back to the pig sty.  My mom was coming to terms with her actions before, during and after her divorce, wondering where she went wrong.  She didn’t indulge in the junk like her friends, and yet she lost everything all the same.  In the end, Red T. gave her doubts to God.  Yes, she as an imperfect person may have contributed somehow, but it was pointless to ponder the details.  God was in control.  And my Grandmama?  Do I even have to say what this beautiful moment meant for here?

    “And so, Allure’s family of trash, united in lust, was destroyed by the lone girl claimed by the truth of Christ.  Of course, Grandmama had Mom and me fighting with her.  On that day, the Fab Fam broke the face of evil, and that’s the last Eppie ever saw of her wicked creator.  Well, I think she may have technically come back in some multidimensional jazz for a moment, but for all intents and purposes, this was the story of how the System got rid of Allure, but using her own devices against her, having examined them in the light of God’s truth.”

    Since Proton and Macy G. are listening to this and have both picked up on their being constantly referenced today, they finish the story.  Proton goes first, “So, with I.C. and Eppie stealing the show, what happened to everyone afterwards?  Well, for starters, Allure tried to pull an Arion Jekel and made sure her defeat meant the technological downfall of our society.  It wasn’t nearly as major of a hit as she’d wanted.  No one immediately died in a worldwide catastrophe, but we did lose our age restoration science for a while, meaning those who chose to stay on Ruyngard would probably be dead, like everyone else in the universe, within two centuries.”

    “Because we all know people normally live to be two hundred,” chimes Macy.  “So, check it, everything was made whole.  The San Diegos learned to put their failures behind them and go back to living like they should.  The retired System Guards that wanted nothing to do with us slowly acknowledged the genuine cleansing of the CFA.  The men of the CFA finally got their turn to shine and with perfect timing as their ancestors were now watching to see them in action.

    “The legends of CFA history, true CFA history, even joined in to compete at times.  We got to see AB versus James and A.J., Amy and Iris Scott returned for a while.  Mind you, these were visitors, but Ruyngard residents, like Buck and Brian Shiloh, and even Xames Scott participated and helped to completely overshadow the dreaded chapter of our history with a new, glorious chapter that is the foundation of how we run things today.

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