Now, I.C. and the older girls are excited after hearing the kids are going to compete.  As the girl shouting at people considers her monocle and outfit, she adjusts her suit a little so that it is better prepared for a bout of strenuous, yet modest activity.  As it was, her outfit was fine for jumping and crawling due to the design, but seeing how their world doesn’t always transmit well into ours, she didn’t want to risk someone thinking she was fighting in just a regular skirt and such.  Those are perfectly modest leggings and so forth yadda yadda.

    “Okay, so about my grandmama,” I.C. reminds everyone, “a couple of new girls entered the boss’s office, escorted by their gorgeous business manager, and soon a deal was struck that, not only would the girls compete in the next major event, but the woman with them would actually host the big to-do on her luxurious cruise ship.  Ruyngard Day, equivalent to a national Independence Day, was right around the corner, so this wealthy woman was willing to give her stars a grand entrance.  Well, guess who!”

    “The woman was Allure, come to take control of the CFA so her influence could be more direct than it had been for the past few decades.  She was the reason for the problems on Ruyngard.  Yes, this all started with some System Guard girls making a wholesome simulation, but it had beautifully matured into a breeding ground for potential new heroes to rise.  When it moved to Ruyngard, Allure was drawn to the heavy female presence and the opportunity it had for warping everyone’s priorities.

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