“I used to think the armor she started wearing was to be like the captivating Misty Zero, but when I compare Destiny Allure to Destiny Justice of Storyboard XL, I can’t help but wonder if she was mocking this in her new name and look.  By new name, I mean Destiny was added later.  And speaking of adding and naming, AB and I, well, we tried something risky.  Yes, it could’ve killed us all, but we had to try…mercy.  We had to try grace.

    “If a girl becomes a Lure Bot, one good dose of purification technology can fix that, but what about the machines that Allure makes from scratch?  Well, we caught one and hid it in a place only AB and I knew about.  We then spent extensive time talking to it, reasoning with it, trying to understand it.  This was dangerous and not something we’d normally do, so we were careful.  As a machine, the Lure Bot would answer us honestly and straightforward.  Still, she was designed to be persuasive and seductive, so we took everything she said lightly until we could tell when she was being honest with us or not.  After a slow, careful process, we were able to start a logical train of thought in her mind regarding her programming.  We questioned her about her desires and motives with her answers ultimately going back to her programming.  She does it because she likes it, and she likes it because Allure programmed her that way, so by default, she wants to be programmed that way.  This all seemed good until we questioned the accuracy of the programmer.  You see, the bot’s mission was to obey.  If another Lure Bot were put under her control, the underling must obey her, but if Allure gives an order that contradicts the senior bot’s order, the underling must listen to Allure and not its colleague.  This was easily understood, so we hatched the next question on her, ‘Who, then, is Allure’s superior?’”

    “Arion Jekel,” guesses Kammy.

    “Nope,” Missy shoots this down.  “it actually turns out Destiny and Arion are equals in that regard, meaning Allure had no superiors.  You think this would end the discussion, but we asked the bot what she knew about the System and the real world and the chain of command that was set up.  Of course, due to the nature of her mission, the bot easily agreed to the accuracy of the Bible and the subsequent setup of the System Director being the one in charge of the System while he is merely human that must obey the words of the true Creator of all things, the Lord.  You don’t actively fight what you believe to be fantasy.  The bot’s mission was to corrupt the System Director and lead his heart away from the only God that exists.  This objective alone was enough to establish that Allure was a secondary bot telling a fellow worker to assault the higher authority, thus negating the validity of Destiny’s commands.”

    “In other words,” says Faye, “If I only do what I want because I’m programmed to, but the one who programmed me is defective, then by my very construction, my data can only conclude to adhere to the higher authority, with truth itself being the ultimate authority.”

    “Pretty much,” Missy says with a shrug and a smile as she adjusts her sunglasses.  “The Lure Bot slowly saw that Allure was not a valid source of information.  So, she went to a higher source, which was the very System Director she was made to hurt.  And where to you think he pointed her?  Why, to THE sole authority, of course!  From here, things were much easier, and it wasn’t long until the beautiful Eppie was born into the world.  After much logical thought and biblical research, her data forced her to see that she was programmed wrong, and thus Eppie asked for help.  With her willpower fully involved in the decision, the System Director did a character rewrite for her, completely removing all ties to Allure.  Eppie was a cybernetic human now, and even though she still displayed an attitude that screamed of how much she still needed to grow, our new friend was ready to begin her journey as a brand-new person.  That new person matured as a System Guard.  She even got married, becoming the wife of another former villain, Green Turcho.  They eventually settled amongst the CFAers and ended up on Ruyngard.  Eppie had a daughter named Trish who went by T.J. and then eventually Red T., like her green dad.  Unfortunately, as T.’s daughter blossomed into a beautiful young lady, T.’s marriage ended in divorce and that daughter blamed it all on her mom.  And that’s where I think I should hand the story back to someone else.”

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