“And as touching as that is, it still doesn’t explain the other minions I just added to the scrapbook.  Oh, sure, you see my mom Trish and my grandmama Eppie, but who are those two monkeys on the side?  Oh, yeah, that’s right…it’s our bosses!”

    All at once, “Missy!!”

    Gigi alone, “Hi, Keb.”

    “Okay, you know what?  I’m leaving.”  And Keb is gone for the rest of the book.  Yeah, like we believe that.  “Okay, I’m back then, losers.”  See?  Told you.

    “Is anyone else highly disturbed by the highly concentrated emphasis on the female gender throughout this history lesson so far?”  Missy’s question causes several hands to go up.

    “Yes, yes, and now you see why Keb, myself, Charity and Ivory decided to investigate.  Ivory had been in the CFA a little bit with Proton in the past, but she was floored to see the condition Ruyngard was in when we took a look at the scene.  Speaking of Proton, there was a fighter in Danielle Randal’s day named Kasumi Ketsune, so we all assumed this was Kitsune’s ancestor, and we were right, but what we didn’t know is that Kas’s daughter had married Proton’s son.  Because of the schism, Brian Shiloh wanted no association with his granddaughter’s entering the newly revived CFA, so their grandbaby focused more on her mom’s ancestry than that of the rich history of the Ancyro.  So yeah, when it’s so bad we have an entire generation of System Guards too afraid to name their own grandkids, we need to act.

    “The good news is we were able to jump in and help these girls, as well as the poor, overshadowed guys.  So, what happened that caused our dear Kat San Diego to compromise, leading her girls to multiply her mistakes exponentially and throw Ruyngard into the gutter?  Praise God, He helped us turn ALL of those friends of ours around.  There were scars and relationships that took quite a long time to restore, but we saw healing and we saw dirty lives made clean, and Ruyngard genuinely changed.  The CFA was rid of the filth, and we got to see it enter a new era that everyone could gladly associate with.  Even the men got to share the limelight again, but before all that, we need to talk about the problem.”

    Keb slips in, “I helped for, like, two weeks and had to decide to let the other girls handle it.  As System Guards, you deal with rough environments at times, but there was something different, and I wasn’t sure I was ready to handle it.  Now, we all know why the negative influence was so strong.”

    “Who knows who Allure is?” Missy asks and the hands go back up.  “Good.  Beware of Destiny Allure.  She is a beautiful, seductive women with an army of gorgeous Lure Bots that she can either create from scratch or make from willing girls that she transforms into her brainwashed machines called Pretty Faces.  When the girls bring victims to Allure, she changes into her disgusting pig form, adorned with a large golden ring in her snout, and devours her victim whole, eagerly awaiting her next meal.  She started off just trying to get into HQ, playing the innocent victim, but once we learned about her and her routine, she started getting fancy.

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