Having added her part, Lady Bug turns and asks with a witty smirk, “So, am I the last of this wave or is there a reason Judy is standing out of order?”

    “Because I’m always out of order,” is the simple explanation from the pink-haired girl standing to the side, quickly plopping a repair sign on her forehead.

    “There’s seriously no reason, guys,” says I.C.  “It’s Judy.  Why wouldn’t I include her, just because?  This girl didn’t show up until after the events you’re going to learn about today.  I only included her because…because…” goes into cutesy mama voice, “because she’s the most adowable wittle clown girl in da whole world!”

    “I.C., don’t lose your head, dear,” Judy tugs the bow in her hair to politely remove her entire head, cartoon-style, like the tilting of a hat as she says this.  The class sees this oddity and laughs.

    Kammy Crystal whispers to Faye, “Your mom’s going to be so jealous.”

    Very pleased, Faye replies, “I know.  I get to meet A.J. Brown in Mom’s stead, as well as Judy ‘Joker’ Josey, Greco Romana and Yuri Williams, all three girls my mom had in mind for my face.”

    Tapping her lip, I.C. makes sure to be tortuously slow in her next sentence.  “Now, what, oh what in the wonderful world of Ruyngard could I ever be forgetting?  I know there’s Lucy Nelson and Natania, the duo known as Drop Dead Gorgeous, and there’s the specific turning point in our disgusting history…we call her Kimmy K. Ferguson.  Eh, Kimmy Rumble by marriage.  Kimberly, that girl…it all goes back to OG Kimmy Kisser wanting to be a famous fighter, but because of her last name and her good looks, she gave in and let society mold her.  This resulted in a daughter that was ten times worse.  Generations later, the mutual descendant of Kimmy Kisser and her best friend Maria Ferguson entered the arena.  Sure, she was just as wild as the rest of us, but she had a sparkle in her eye.

    “Despite the tragic detail that Ruyngard even let kids watch our trash, Kimmy would always make it a point to greet the kids and encourage them to do their best and live right.  She didn’t quite know what all that entailed yet, but she always pursued the truth as much as she could, and every time she received more light, the harder she ran toward the light.  The Heiress of Hot, most attractive thing in the Kisser family line and rival to Nikki Stone and Honeybee in being the epitome of every man’s desire and what was wrong with our corrupt society…THAT girl was the first to say, ‘Nuh-uh, I’m following Christ.’  As soon as someone actually made the effort to tell her what was right, she dropped all her worldly baggage and never looked back.  Did she still participate in our newly reorganized CFA?  Sure, but her goals and methods of influence were totally different, and even as a veteran SG now, her passion is to help young boys and girls avoid the mistakes she made, because no one bothered to tell her what was right and wrong.

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