Agreeing to remind everyone he’s still on the trip, Scott extends his hand toward the girl in black and gold and joyfully says, “This is my childhood best friend, and to this day, the one person I want fighting by my side in a jam, when I’m not with I.C….and I’m in a setting with guys and girls fighting…and it’s legitimately fine and acceptable?  Okay, so you know what I’m trying to say, this is my wonderful sister Beverly Prince.  She is the Queen of the Scotts.”

    “Now, you stop that, Scott, or I’ll cry,” is the loving demand from the one who will only accept the title of Honeybee.  The brother urges the sister to do what was inevitable, talk for herself.  “You shy sweetie, fine.  Back in Greco and Kelly G.’s day, there were three girls, Queen Bee, Shenlong and Lady Barbarian.  These were just as bad as everyone else back then, hee hee, but they were preps.  Eventually, Queen’s rudeness cost her the friends she had used as tools, but after falling to the ground, the little bee learned to fly again, and the humbled queen had a new, kinder approach to life, and soon, her friends returned to her.  Thus, when my two besties and I joined the CFA, THAT was our goal, to be as close of friends as those three were once everything was fixed.  I was Queen Bee, Julie was the uuber depressed and self-loathing Dragonfly, but we were working on her.  Barb was Lady Bug, and together we are…”

    The other two join in, “Tons of Fun!”

    Bee continues, “However, I was a dirty no-good and was every bit just as filthy as the girls from Jane and Jen Li’s generation.  Oh, I was horrible and proud of it.  I mean, I was kind and caring, so what was wrong with having a little fun…*sniffle* even teaching Julie to do the junk Barb and I did at the parties and such to help her stop being so sad all the time.  Well, the day came when I realized what a wretch I was.  I realized I was hurting God.  I was hurting my friends.  Also, I was hurting my grandparents, the great Xames and Meg Scott that all the System knows as the picture of what a godly, wholesome System Guard should to be.  That was my grandfather, and I reveled in getting myself as filthy as possible to distance myself from that because I felt it wasn’t loving to the people I wanted to reach.”

    “We were all just as bad, Bev,” Lady Bug says, accepting her part of the blame.

    “Thanks, Bug.  Well, getting right with God was hard enough, but I’m a celebrity, so all my dirty actions were right there for everyone to see.  By the way, I notice our era is oddly blank as far as your class’s monitor goes.  I’m grateful, Duplica, that you allowed the kids to see us as we are now, and not back then.  So, my story ends with me giving up my sin and accepting my responsibility as a System Guard and as a Scott.  Sure, my last name is different, but that doesn’t change a thing.  I want to be as great a System Guard as my grandparents were, or even half, if possible.  I’ll be whatever God wants me to be.  And that is to be the wittle Honeybee, not the glamorous Queen Bee.”

    “Well then,” Julie speaks up, “I’d better save my family before any other stories make you hate them.  The reason I was always depressed is because I was an orphan.  My family that adopted me was awesome, and my two older step-bros are the bomb!  If you remember Xames’ sister Sarah, then know I was adopted by one of her step-kids.  That’s how I met Honeybee.  Still, I felt unwanted until my friends’ passion to change and serve God affected me, and that’s how I got outta’ my funk.  However, I soon learned who my mom was.  I was Jen Li San Diego’s daughter that she had during her ‘island days’ and gave away as an inconvenience.  But don’t be mad.  She changed, and we ended up working together, not even realizing we were standing next to each other until circumstances led to the big reveal.  You’ll hear about how Charity and the BIG BOSS helped my family repent of their past soon, but just know that this girl has gone from feeling unwanted to standing confident in the truth of Christ.  Roar!”

    “I’m Lady Bug,” says the red one.  “I just followed my friends into the CFA.  I followed my friends into sin, and I followed them out, ha ha!  Nah, that last part wasn’t as mindless as the other decisions.  It’s funny what happens when you care more about God than impressing people.  Since then, I’ve learned that, while I may not be as good a fighter as Julie or Bev, though I’ve won some championships, I can leave them crying on the racetrack any day of the week.”

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