“Pinky here is Renee’s granddaughter Akira ‘the Unbreakable A.’  ‘Don’t cross the A’ blah, blah.  That’s the beautiful Nurse Billie, and that is Elgin the granddaughter of…um, SG’s we haven’t mentioned, so oh well.  Elgie is part of the trio called CIA, but since her pals Gigi and Haddie weren’t paying attention during roll call, it stinks to be them.  Those are Teal’s twins Sky and Kamron Elizabeth Griffin.  Yes, Teal married a G.  Kam’s growth from being jealous of her sister to being one of the most responsible girls in this list is an inspiring story.  Woo!

    “That’s Mia and/or Dana’s great*10 granddaughter Callie.  That’s Proton’s granddaughter Kitsune and her friend Kamron, who is the granddaughter of Brian Logan Zero.  Hey!  It’s Axer Darcy’s granddaughter.  Hello, Rainbow, grandbaby of the guy who saved the planet.  RacheLeah and her half-sister Yuri are the granddaughters of Buck Shiloh, while Yuri’s best friend Violet is their cousin as she’s Lara William’s granddaughter.  Finally, we have Zucconi, Reo’s granddaughter.  Now, why did I mention all these weirdos?  But wait; there’s more!”

    “Now you finally get to see some names we’ve been mentioning throughout this whole trip.  That’s Kim’s granddaughter we keep talking about.  She’s very important.  The System Director specifically named and raised Axer’s great niece for a special mission.  You know how video games have the ranking system and it almost always has AAA by default?  Well, now she’s a character, basically.  Aiden is a power and a terror to all us girls, even me, I must tell you.  She’s also an AMAZING trainer.  Get this, Aiden was the rookie, pushed into fighting by her overzealous grandmother, and now, Aiden’s won several championships, traveled around the Storyboards saving people from evil monsters, collecting and training her own army of Powered techbots, and helping the System Guards organize a much, much better training program overall that has helped so many people across the galaxies.  This girl is a modern-day legend!  And that’s her best friend, the wild and crazy A.J. Brown!  Eventually, Kim pushed Aiden’s mom into fighting and finally, finally, got allowed to join for herself.  Oh, my stars, when Kim was inducted as an official System Guard, that was a beautiful, precious moment.  I think I may cry now.  *Sniffle* *sigh* Okay, I’ve got this.  Yeah, yeah, Sakura talked all about you Nikki and Rose’.  OOO!!  Hey, Honey!  Guys, that’s my sister-in-law.  Scott, you wanna’ introduce her?”

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