“Now, the strategy sounded good, but she couldn’t fight any better than Danielle or Kelly, so she gave in to being just another pretty face.  Very tragic.  Well, while most of these gals had the youth restoration process done upon arrival at Ruyngard, Greco never aged, so she was still just as gorgeous, for a statue.  Mind you, her gray rock form was eventually turned human.  Anyway, Nixie fought during Axer’s day and then the next generation popped up.

    “Now, listen, all this virtual integration was amazing, but it had some odd side effects.  The virtual people made real and the native Ruyngardians all aged normally, but the retired System Guards that had moved there aged much more slowly, not even fully integrated into Ruyngard’s time flow.  This meant Proton could be a grandmother while Macy G. was a great*10 grandma, if that makes sense.  Oh, and neither Charity nor Ivory were affected since they only visited from time to time, seeing how they still served as SGs.  Okay, so the next gen…Kimmy Kisser’s daughter Kelly was even more into the whole ‘Look good.  Look pretty,’ mindset.  Queen Kat and Renee Thunderfoot were tag partners, so you can see what inspired the nickname for Renee’s daughter.  Teal was the living embodiment of what her mom, BG, would’ve been like if she were born as one person instead of recreated as one.  Oh, did I skip a couple of twins?  Why would I do that?  I wonder.

    “Jane Li and Jen Li San Diego were the first to receive the CFA from their mom Kat after she felt her turn was up.  By the way, if you see the girls’ last names passing on to the kids, it’s a celebrity thing for name recognition.  Now, what is significant about this set of twins?  They wrecked everything.  In truth, Kat had begun to compromise in what she allowed the girls to wear and so forth, and when the twins took over, things got so bad that the retired System Guards stepped in and shut the entire program down.  Kat and her best friend Renee used their excessive wealth to purchase an island where they, their family and friends, and whoever else wanted to come, could be out of the eyes of the nosey legalists.  This was an island dedicated to wallowing in their depressing defeat.  We’re not going to visit that island.  It’s a sad irony when your frustration at yourself for sinning causes you to just sin more.”  I.C. is sad.

    After a second of somber cogitation, I.C. perks up and says, “I guess I should mention these losers.”

    “Oh, we’re going to remember that after this lesson, I.C.,” says the one identified as Kam-E.

    “Wait your turn, Marshall,” Crystal says with a devious smile.  “Your face is more than familiar with the fact that I am very able to take care of myself.  Now, where was I?  Oh yes!  So, even though the schism among the retired SG’s caused us to not even realize whose grandkids many of these new faces were, I’m going to skip that mystery and tell you right now.

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