I.C. ignores her chart and starts pointing to faces.  “I mentioned Angel and Renee.  Kat became the owner of the fighting organization that came out of the simulation and reorganized it into what we now call the CFA.  Mind you, she had help, and even shared the right of ownership when she saw fit.  Still, we lovingly call her Queen Kat.  And you know I.V. Nocturne who quickly formed a team with CFA monster Proton.  Charity reluctantly took over for a while when she was asked to handle things, and BG was there, ha ha!  BG is actually a combined character of System Guards Blue and Green.  Amazing, right?  There’s Macy Griffin, or Macy G.  I mentioned her.  Oh, and she took over after Charity had done her part.  Macy…is…the bomb.  Oh!  And good time to point out that Macy was an old mummy, ready to kick it, just like loveable Kim, when the technology on Ruyngard had reached the point of restoring youth.  So, you had CFA members from a century or so ago hanging out with their descendants like it was nothing.  Unlike you Dogwood kids, that was new for us.  You might think having almost limitless power and auto-heal would make us immortal, but we SG’s feel awkward about that and try not to use our power in that way.  If the tech allows for it, we’ll keep living on, but if everyone else has to die at a reasonable age, it’s only fair that we do.  And then there are the Baylors, but who’s judging?”

    Ima takes a breath and continues.  “There’s my grandmama again.  She was a part of Macy’s group, blah blah.  Mia-Mazing became Mia X because of needing cybernetics to help after the accident that killed Danny and that gang.  No, just because SGs can bring back fallen comrades doesn’t mean the System Director always allows us to do so if he thinks the alternative may actually be better.  Don’t stress about it too much.  Danny and Tyler are fine and standing over in the crowd with the other dead CFAers.”

    I.C. turns to the next wave of girls standing near her and continues.  “Now, things get intriguing.  Greco Romana was a statue built by time-travelers helping aliens in ancient Rome.  Two thousand years later, she was brought to life because the System Director wanted to demonstrate the nature of the System.  Then, this gray girl moved with her creator Unitera to the virtual world and dominated the likes of Danielle Randal and Kelly G., the pitiful daughters I keep bringing up.  Don’t worry; Kelly learned and became a good trainer for future generations.

    “Now, one of Greco and Kelly’s rivals was Kimmy Kisser, a nerdy bookworm who loved to fight, despite being pressured to do the pretty girl act because of her name.  She compromised and would come to the arena looking like a nerdy librarian.  As she got ready, a mere adjusting of her glasses and change in demeanor, the little things, was enough to have everyone wondering ‘Where’d this beautiful thing come from?!’ and while they gawked, she’d sneak in and beat her opponent before they knew what hit them, literally.

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