Oh, brother!  Well, I.C. is ready.  “That’s Angel back when she was all fiery.  Angel’s just her name, not any reference to SBXL.  Okay, so, right around the time Axer was battling UM2, the classic System Guards were bored.  I’ll point out that because of the big Drawing Board revival that happened as a result of UM1’s final scheme, several of the SBX and SBXII heroes were still around, like Proton Shiloh and Kat San Diego who was a rookie SG killed during the issue with Thanatos and his little army.  So, lots of not-so-dead people, right?  Well, while the guys roamed around saving the day, the girls back at HQ created a fighting simulation to hone their skills.  It was like the VR machine of Astro Bomber’s childhood, only it was an actual simulation instead just a coverup for visiting other dimensions.  In this simulator, SG’s such as Angel, Renee and Kat had fun beating each other senseless in virtual reality.  Renee’s kicking skills earned her the name Thunderfoot, and she was going to face Angel for a big championship in the game they’d made.  Proton and some of the other girls were getting into it as well.

    However, things happened, and they weren’t able to keep up with the game.  Instead, they left that pseudo-world on auto-pilot and decided to check on it later.  That’s how Della Ware and Nick Randal were born, as characters in a fighting simulation.  More of the SG’s became aware of this and soon put the action on the big screens throughout the base as the adventures of Della and her friends became more exciting.  Then, as the stories quickly raced by, Della’s famous grandchildren Danny Jr. and Lucy Randal popped onto the scene.  This is where Tyler Griffin comes in, as well as CFA greats Mia-Mazing and her sister Dana-Mazing.  My granny was a part of this generation as well.  How?  Well, by this time, my grandmama had just become an SG and loved to play the simulation and interact with the characters.  It was so cute, I’m told.  You know what else I’m told?  This is the generation that became real.  That’s right; AB and Missy decided to ask the System Director about making Nick, Della and their friends into real System dwellers, and that’s exactly what happened!”

    Duplica changes her mind and joins in.  “As we learned last time, these simulation characters became real PACs, but then most of them tragically died.  We also learned about Danny and Tyler’s wives teaching their daughters to fight like their dads, but we skipped forward to Nixie Randal.  I.C.?”

    “Right,” Ima says, “and with their husbands gone, Tyler’s wife Macy Griffin and Danny’s wife Sonia de Antonio Randal returned to their virtual world to raise their daughters there, but with the ability to visit the real world whenever they wanted.  Now, you know how during World War II, a lot of jobs went from being associated with men to becoming feminine occupations?  Well, considering this whole thing started with the female SG’s passing the time at the base…I mean, the girls did stuff, too, they were just goofballs and loved video games.  Um, anyway, their feminine mark was made on the artificial society with professional fighting becoming a female sport.  The logic was that, while the men were out fighting the monsters and such, the girls had a chance to show off their power in the arena.  Hey, I’m not saying I agree with the logic.  I’m just telling you history.  Besides, each time, the guys would see the girls having fun, and this would cause them to have their own matches, but it’d be boring and no one would watch it.

    “So, with this shift, Macy and Sonia’ daughters were instant stars, even though they were both pitiful fighters.  Yes, DR Jr.’s daughter couldn’t fight, but she had a lot of heart, so people sympathized with her.  I’ll come back to this era in a bit.  You remember me saying Nixie’s run was the next big thing several generations later, right?  Well, there’s something else.  It was in Nixie’s lifetime that the virtual world she was from got moved to HERE.  That’s right; the Ruyngardians now had virtual people, remade as real people, living amongst them.  In addition to this, several System Guards decided this was a good time to retire, thus flooding Ruyngard all at once.  SO, go back and read your history books.  If they were a major figure in System Guard history and lived in either Storyboard X, XI or XII, chances are they moved to Ruyngard and spent the rest of their lives there, unless they declined the offer to retire and are still bothering AB and Keb to this day.  Keep in mind, this is a party today, so we’ve got both deaders and current SGs here, and there’s no time to detail which is which.”

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