Sakura joins in, “So yeah, while all the Powered are essentially a better form of techbot, their anatomical makeup is closer to that of an actual human.  Think of the Ancyro, a race of naturally born androids with the ability to either marry and give birth to other Ancyro or manually construct a new Ancyro lifeform like you would any other android.  Well, it’s kind of the same in that the new Powered are better thought of as one step away from being on par with the Ancyro as far as being living beings.  I mean, we are PACs so the line between organic and artificial is much thinner than in the real world since naturally born Earth humans are still artificial humans from the real-worlders’ perspectives.  I mean, it’s no big deal if people marry Ancyro since it’s like an Italian marrying an American, both are just humans from different ancestries.  Nobody’s going around marrying techbots or the new Powered people, even if they are basically humans, unless the System Director specifically changes that character into a full-blown human or Ancyro anyway.  But yeah, Dilemma can let you ride inside of her by digitizing you, which is a practice even regular lifeforms started doing sometime before the era you’re going to be visiting next.”

    “So, even ordinary humans casually become Powered now?” asks Gracie.

    “Eh,” Jo says, “even a brief review of System Guard history should remind you of when AB and Cici would take advantage of the digitizing process, with Cici being able to digitize herself to ride in AB’s armor to monitor his health.  I guess you could say that, instead of building a new wave of machines based on Powered technology, which people did that, too, a better way of explaining it is to say that we took the principles of a person being a temporary vehicle for someone else and now use it for leisure purposes.  We mainly use it for things like video games and such.  If the System Director is playing a game and transfers our imaginary data into said game while creating our own sprite in that game, but then our friends or family want to play, we can either just like them use that sprite since it’s just a copy and not our actual form, OR we can let them tag along and we’ll play together.  I mean, it’s not at all as complicated or weird as it sounds.  It’s more like, ‘Wow!  The people of XL spent thousands of years and dollars developing a technology to do what we’ve always done for fun anyway.  What a waste.’”

    Duplica thinks about this for a second.  “So, I don’t really know if the development in Powered technology really matters or should even be worried about as far as the test goes, because I don’t think it changes anything about the everyday activities of a multiverse filled with Infinites that can do virtually anything they want anyway.  We may have odd hobbies and such, but that’s about it.  Practicality, you know.  If anything, the benefit of the Powered is a better generation of techbot.  Go techbots.”

    Kammy oddly moves her hands like she’s winding something up or washing dishes while she tries to think of a way to simplify this.  “‘Hey kids, we learned a thing from Grille.  The techbots got an upgrade, so now, they’re like humans, but don’t worry; they’re not.  We’re not marrying robots.  But because it’s fun, we use our own abilities to pretend to be Powered and let our friends digitize and ride along with us sometimes because it’s quirky and fun.’  I think I got it, but you guys are weird.  I hate to think I’m going to be this corny when I’m y’all’s age.”  Suddenly feeling the heat of several angry adults, Kammy smiles and charmingly adds, “I love you!” and with this, the girl is giddily pleased with her performance, regardless of the potential, humorous consequences.

    “Moving on,” says Cat begrudgingly, “I think our star pupil, once again, has hit it on the head…a little too hard!” this last part was said with Duplica turning toward to target and speaking with strength in the voice.  “I hope you all strive to do as well as Kammy, who I will remind you is a full year closer to our age then you other, younger, sweet children.”  This earns Kammy a high five from Gigi, the devious little traitor.  “Andrew, Sakura, you two have been great.  Jo and I might visit you after the day is ended, so be sure to tell Dilemma to have something good cooking.  I’m going to take the kids to the final era where Kammy Crystal will disappear, so be sure to fill out some insurance waivers or something for me while I’m away.  Class, say your goodbyes and then we’ll go.  Kammy, just say your prayers.”

    The teacher’s teasing begins the farewell process, and it’s this extra time that gives Gigi an idea.

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