“Care to explain why you were digging through my stuff?” asks a very hurt Kammy.

    “Kam,” Faye insists, “you know we wouldn’t do that to you.  Listen, you took off so quickly, remember how you crashed into Gigi when you came back?  You did the same thing to your bag when you left in the first place.  It dropped and we tried to catch it.  Our coordination just stinks…that’s all.”

    Grace tries to help the plea.  “It was my fault.  I was careless in trying to reach haphazardly in a panic and I made your class notes fall out.  I’m sorry.”

    Pulling the notes in question out of her pocket, Kammy remarks in a sardonic tone, “My class notes, huh?  You sure must need help studying since you were pouring all over them when I got here.”

    “That’s not true, Kammy!” Faye almost shouts.  “As soon as you came BARGING through, you were too busy dusting off the bowling pin to have any idea what we were doing before you got back.  Don’t accuse me like that.”

    Shrugging to the fact, she agrees, “Fine, then what were you doing with them?”

    Annoyed, Faye explains, “Gigi dropped them and went to put them back because, hello, we’re your friends, we’re not going to do that to you, Kamron.  Then Gigi, being Gigi just happened to see what the notes were for and freaked out.  I tried to get her to put them up before her curiosity made her do a bad thing…but then she said something that made the situation sound even more curious…and…Oh, I’m sorry, Kammy.  I did give in and look.  It was wrong, even if for a second.  We should’ve trusted your judgment but, ironically, you’re the one who can’t trust us now.  I’m so sorry.”

    “Yeah,” Gigi echoes, “we were jerks.  I hope you can forgive us.”

    Kammy is pretty upset, but she does appreciate Faye facing her dishonesty the way she did.  “Well,” Crystal contemplates out loud, “you are who your friends are, I guess.”

    “What are you saying?”  Gigi is sure this is supposed to be an insult.

    Sighing, Kammy hands the cards back to the girls, almost forcing them to take them.  “Go on.  Ask your questions.  I need to be honest, too, I guess.”

    Faye really feels like a jerk now.  “Kam, that’s not fair.  This isn’t any of our business.”

    Kammy shrugs again and smiles, “I believe your story, Faye.  I know it was an accident, but what’s done is done.  I can’t hide it now, and to leave you wondering will do more harm than good, so, ask me.  Maybe I want to tell you.”

    The girls feel their guilt caving to the exhilarating sense of freedom allowing their curiosity unlimited access to Kammy Crystal’s private life, at least in regards to the cards.

    “Are you making a dating list?” Gigi bluntly asks.

    Faye is more delicate and rephrases the question.  “It looks like what that is, but it can’t be.  If it were about the boys, you wouldn’t include Owan with him being your uncle.  That’s disgusting.”

    “I see,” says Kammy.  And with these two words, Ima Crystal looks over at the girls, but only for a second.  “What do you think, Gigi?  What’s on your brain, Nova G.?”

    “Well,” Grace folds her hands together, afraid of asking the wrong thing, “if it’s a general stat chart of everyone, why did you only include the boys?  Is Owan written down to hide what the notes are for, or are you actually keeping tabs on our pros and cons?  That’s creepy, invasive.”

    “I see how it could look, but listen to yourself and imagine there’s malicious intent, like super bad.  If I had bad intentions, what would I eventually try to do to you girls?”

    “Idunno,” Grace says innocently.

    “You’d try to fight us, or kill us,” Faye figures out.

    “Exactly,” Kammy affirms while pointing at the cards.  “I realized long ago that we need to be ready for the off chance that we might have to fight each other someday.  I don’t want to be stuck in your grip again like last year, Faye, and what if I find out Gigi and/or Elf was a spy the whole time?  I don’t mean to make a big deal over nothing, but I think it’s good to always be prepared for anything.”

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