“Now, two very important figures in CFA history are Nick Randal and Della Ware.  Yes, that was her name, AND she was born there, so there’s that.  She became a professional fighter in the same league Nick was in before CFA had joined everything together.  These two weren’t even from Ruyngard.  Anyway, they and their friends gave up fighting to serve as System Guards, but eventually retired and supported their son in his pursuit of fighting like his parents.  This resulted in the grandkids doing the same, and the legend of Danny Randal Jr. was born.  When you say CFA, people think of that guy.  They also think of Mia-Mazing, but you’ll meet her soon, I bet.  During the career of DR Jr., he found a potential rival in young man who had joined the newly established CFA at the same time Danny started.  However, this young man, Tyler Griffin, did not have it so easy like Danny did.  He won a couple minor championships, but not the main prize.  Also, Tyler wasn’t the kind of person who found pleasure in fame and fortune.  He had a drive to do something significant in life but was having trouble finding it.

    “Well, while Danny kept soaring, Tyler made tiny steps, and soon found his rhythm.  He had a new look and was improving his skill, and he had started dating one of the most attractive girls from the ladies’ division.  Well, eventually, Tyler got married, Danny got married.  They and several of their friends learned about the System Guards and started pursuing that goal, leaving the CFA behind.  The biggest surprise was Tyler’s new wife.  Because of her upbringing, she thought she had to be the girl that all the guys wanted.  Before they dated, her husband was the one who helped her see this was wrong, and that she needed to be herself, and be a light for God.  Her change was astonishing, and she eventually ended up being the owner of the CFA at a time when they were in serious need of someone with a good moral fiber.

    “Well, Griffin and his colleagues were enjoying their new lives as System Guard when a terrible, large scale, accident took the lives of most of the former CFA fighters turned SGs, including Tyler and DR.  With their wives now widows, the legacies of the men lived on in their daughters, but slowly died out until, several generations later, a new Randal arose who was also a descendant of Tyler Griffin…Nixie Randal, also cleverly named Nix T. For, in reference to her favorite CFA event, the 64.  She actually won her only victory in that event right after Axer and Roxy had recently saved the world.  Yes, Tyler’s widow had moved to Ruyngard, making Nixie a native.  Miss Randal’s day also came and went, with her supporting the later generations until the Randals turned to Stone.

    “Luke Travis and Nikki Stone were two siblings that burned their way to the top.  I mean figuratively, of course.  They had everything going for them, and even ran the CFA for a short time when the owner at that time turned out to be an ancient evil that needed to be destroyed.  However, the limelight got to the siblings, and they soon lost the company.  Do you want to know to whom they lost the CFA?  They lost it to the System Guards.  It was so bad that the System Guards had to directly step in and help these poor folks get their act together.  I mean, the Stones weren’t even a fourth as bad as…what you’ll learn about next, but they did have a long way to go to prove they would ever be ready to lead again.”

    Sakura takes over.  “So, a new, beautiful era of CFA fighters started seeking God and serving as System Guards, and among these were a penitent L.T. and Nikki Stone.  They didn’t grow as quickly as the others, but no one was rushing them.  However, the day came when the new recruits found themselves in a confrontation with an evil thought, what you fellow System Guards know as a defector.  It was L.T.’s wife Rose’ who pushed her best friend Nikki to grow up and embrace her responsibilities.  With this encouragement, Nikki finally started trying, which in turn inspired Luke to try harder, even though he was already showing great promise.  Well, eventually, several of the CFA System Guards felt called to go back to Ruyngard and help guide the planet in a biblical direction, and you know this group included Luke and Nikki.  However, it wasn’t until they were about to leave that the gravity of Nikki’s missed opportunities got a hold of her to the point that both she and her brother gained a righteous determination that lived on for the rest of their lives, and has since been passed on to their descendants, of which my husband is one.”

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