“Planet Korzkol,” says Kammy as the feel of knowledge cuddling her brain brings her back to normal, “that’s the name of the world we lost, and the people were the Korzkons, named after the ever-humble Corzko, of course…ko.  Can you imagine living on a planet where the dude in charge just up and changes the name of everything to his?  ‘Hey, Bob, what’s our planet named this year?’”  With this, the other students laugh, even the guilty party from the start of the chapter.

    “Okay, I know exactly which planet you’re talking about now,” says Sakura.  “We lost that one in our galaxy long ago.  I get the feeling the flow of time sped up for them or something, or maybe it was always much faster than we were aware of and Emperor Corzko just never showed signs of aging, preventing anyone from catching on to the difference.”

    “Nah,” says Kam, “they were all turned human after AB finally learned about the System.  I think the planet itself was just already near the end of its run.  Nature happens, you know.  We’ll just hope they saw it coming in time to move somewhere else.”

    I.C. plays with her pigtails and asks, “Should we get on with the lesson and stop dwelling on the potential deaths of several billion people?”

    “The history of Planet Ruyngard has become married to the history of the CFA, but I think you’re going there next, so I will try to not spoil anything.”  Andrew is doing great so far.  “You’re familiar with James Scott and the Warrior’s League he used to enter as a kid.  Well, take that and put it on a galactic scale.  CFA stands for Championship Fighting Alliance, and the league has taken all the records of all major fighting sport events throughout the history of the applicable storyboards and combined them into one comprehensive hall of fame.  The premise is competitive sparring, with the champions adding to the long list that extends as far back as to the days when James Pin and Buck Shiloh set up their own version of competitive fighting.  It does sometimes even include ordinary sports like baseball and basketball, with the logic being a good warrior has to be well-rounded.  However, these extra events are rare and usually come with a stipulation that fits more within our expectation of this kind of art.

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