That’s when this era’s hosts show up.  These aren’t deaders, but modern-day Milky Way dwellers, living on good old New Ruyngard.  In fact, since it’s present day, that means even Storyboard XL is a part of the unified universe now, except for that pesky Time Unit flying around space, gotta’ be rude and be the exception to my statement and all, but those guys are doing a fine job of cleaning up the remnants of last year’s mess, so I had better be nice to my favorite city of time travelers.

    “So, who are you, my lovelies?” asks Duplica.  “Tell us your names and all.”

    “Alright, ma’am, I suppose I shall oblige.  My name is Sakura Griffin.  I’m originally from Earth, but was relocated from Solar 1 to the Guardian System where I landed on this world that just happened to be home to the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me, and I think that thing needs to introduce himself.”

    Her man takes his cue and begins speaking.  “I’m Andrew Scott Griffin, and I’m a native Ruyngardian.  I’m the current leader of the System Guards on this planet, which means I still answer to AB and James, of course.  I’m honored that you would take a field trip all the way from the Dogwood Galaxy to our humble little Milky Way.  Let’s see, if I remember, you guys have all twenty of your planets arranged in that beautiful figure 8 you call the Grand System, while our eighteen planets are still scattered across four solar systems.  That’s kind of messy, don’t you think?  Ha ha!”

    Duplica catches the humor but still defends Drews home galaxy.  “I love your galaxy, and eighteen is only two away from twenty.  Also, don’t forget all your little colonies scattered around.”

    “Most of which come from Earth,” Sakura inserts.

    “You greedy little Earthlings,” Duplica giddily teases.  “Hey, at least you didn’t lose a planet this past year.”

    “Oh, yeah?” both the Griffins are surprised to hear this, hoping no one was hurt in the event.

    Now, Kammy is awake, as this is something she read about in the news.  “I’m pretty sure it was the planet of people that were the Dogwood Galaxy equivalent to Emperor Corzko’s planet.  You know, the guy that helped AB and James Scott when they first met A.J. Scar long ago, it was a people similar to his.”

    “I think you’re very right, dear,” says her grandmother.  “I hope you know which planet we’re talking about and can look up the name for your galaxy’s version.”

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