Axer uses laborious gestures to emphasis the complexity of the plan, “If you have the Crimson Prince, then you look for a suit of high-tech armor called the Astro Bomber.  The Sacred Blades work as weapons, but unlock a better weapon.  That better weapon serves in locating the Astro Bomber, which is an even better weapon, and what for?  This suit is for piloting the ultimate weapon, the Ultimate Machine.  Thank you, scientists of days gone by.”

    Kammy is drooling.  Faye, no Faye is drooling, too.

    “The Crimson Prince, huh?” Owan grips his fist at the majestic name.

    “Indeed,” Axer says.  “So, after all that, we traveled around, finally met Justice and arrived at the location of the Astro Bomber.  That’s when things went mad.”

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