Ax goes on.  “I think one of my least favorite moments with Mandy as Lady Z was when we were exploring the sunken artificial city known as the Frozen Beyond.  Mandy was basking in good memories of her walking with her friends Key and Kina as they were tracking down some scientist with one eyebrow until Zombie Axer coldly reminder her that she never did such a thing but was simply experiencing the memories of the girl she was cloned after.  I wanted to punch that guy and hug Mandy right there.  I did put my hand on her shoulder and tried to say something kind.  Even though I couldn’t think of anything, the smile she gave was enough to say I was able to communicate exactly what I was trying to say.

    “Well, after our search resulted in nothing more than two separate fights with beings that were leftovers of horrible science experiments performed back in the ancient times, we regrouped back in Never Miss and tried to think of what to do next.  It wasn’t long after this that a few new faces changed everything.”

    Axer’s getting pumped now, and heroically says, “Mandy had her Zombies, and we had our Heroes.  There was myself, Roxy, Marna, Dean from Razlor, the brothers Sehen and Sif from Hilmsland and Justice who came later in the story, seeing how he was busying trying not to die in the explosion at Lyger.  What was so special about this group?  The Sacred Blades.  Each hero was designated as such when the collection of swords Dean had transported reacted, claiming their respective masters to wield them.  You see, the ancients were complicated little nerds, and I love it.  You get the swords and they pick their masters.  Then, you have to escort the seven Sacred Blades to the secret location of the REAL Sacred Blade…the Crimson Prince.”

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