“Right.”  He straightens his collar and continues the story.  “So, Justine founded our colony, and then, a thousand or so years later, some of the details of our history had grown fuzzy.  I mean, not terribly, but just a little.  Even so, we were still a System Guard colony, and as such, were stuffed to the max with nano-based technology, making things like lifting car’s a child’s activity.  I say this because my interview was all the way in Never Miss, but for me, it was a matter of going to my room, insta-changing into something professional and teleporting to the destination, miles away.  Hmm, I might have just flown over that day.  I can’t remember off the top of my head.  Either way, the job was a military job, and even though I had a strong application and a super high iu-rating, I just didn’t make the cut.  I went home and had to think of what I was going to do next.”

    “So, while you were stuck sitting on the couch, the world was at war?” asks Owan.

    “What did you do next?” Gracie chimes in.

    “No, it wasn’t at world war.  Lyger was just pestering Hilmsland and Razlor, trying to intimidating each nation into joining his effort to eradicate whichever of the two was the Late Lucy in giving him their loyalty.  This, however, literally blows up in Lyger’s face right as they were about to succeed in making an alliance with Razlor.  While conversing with Hilmsland, Cigula’s bullying remarks go one step too far, and whatever was said doesn’t matter now.  At the offense of one wrong word, Prime Minister Hannes quickly orders his general to fire the secret weapon.  Forty-five seconds later, Lyger ceases to exist.  Just like that, this overzealous nation was blown off the map by a giant laser that boomed its way across the landscaped, erasing the Lygerian structures off the planet.  The news reports on this shook everyone to the core, especially Razlor.  If Hannes had this kind of power and would use it in such haste, we were all dead men.

    “Soon, Razlor declared war on Hilmsland, and as these two went at it, our nation soon had rumors going around about our possible entrance into the war.  That’s when I came home one day to find my friend and teenage crush Mandy talking to my mom.”

    “I trust you’re familiar with Storyboard XL’s SUSIE program,” says Axer.

    Kammy pops up and rattles off, “Codename for SUZE, Secret Unit Zombie Elite.  The remains of the dead are taken and refashioned, using cloning technology.  Then the newly revived is given the memories of the deceased subject, along with advanced knowledge in martial arts and espionage.  The person is just a clone, but the scientists convince themselves they can bring back the dead.”

    “Exactly!  Good job!”  Roxy cheers.

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