“Since Kim mentioned dreams, I think we need to talk about ours.  You see, right before things went awry, we all started having nightmares, the same nightmares.  It would show two beings fighting across the various universes, with the one concluding the dream by contemplating, ‘All that time, after all the adventures and lessons, it was me…I was the Ultimate Machine.’  Every time the person in the dream says this, the most horrifying figure I’ve ever seen shows up and laughs a traumatizing robotic laugh that is…hard to describe…hard to forget.  Once he shows up in the dream, you wake up and hear everyone in the neighborhood shrieking at once.  Not something that lends to going back to sleep for the rest of the night.

    “Of course, most of us knew who Astro Bomber and Ultimax were, as well as the dreaded Arion Jekel.  Everyone who’s studied the System knows about the fight between AB and Max, but the effects their struggle had are still being discovered generations later throughout time and space.  In AB’s own Storyboard XI, one of Max’s attacks left an unknown alien civilization mere months from destruction, so they used the time until their doom to craft an escape pod for as many infants as they could fit on board, less than ten, and sent it to the very planet that caused this ill fate, along with an escort of humanoid insect-like androids that would wipe out the Earth as both vengeance and the assurance of the children’s safety.  Of course, shortly upon arrival, the System Guards were able to resolve this peacefully.  In other Storyboards, the inhabitants went about their business, not knowing the fight for their very existence was zooming above them in the sky.  Such was the case with Trixie Todd and her techbot Virginia as the two walked to the store one cool evening, not aware of outsiders from another dimension raging across the sky for only a few short seconds before crashing their way out of that storyboard.  And then, there was New Ruyngard.”

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