“In their defense,” Roxy argues, “Razlor did start it.  Ulfrix, affectionately called the Great Christmas Tree by many of his critics, was the Prime Minister’s advisor until his obsession with the ‘horse and buggy days’ somehow led to him actually getting enough naïve people to help him start his own pitiful kingdom.  And yet, it’s a competent, properly functioning society, unlike the rundown Lyger with what I wouldn’t even call a capital city of Logoya.  Those poor people!”

    Giving in to the politics of the moments, Ax adds, “Folks get so irritated when Ulfrix makes a speech condemning the overindulgence in technology, because everyone knows he and Queen Iusticea regularly ride their hover scooters around the countryside for mere leisure.”

    “Hey, hon,” says Rox, “let’s talk about our friends now.  And before we do, let’s get it over with.”

    “Hey, sis,” says Axer sheepishly, hoping the fact nobody stopped this transport means everyone approves.  “So, we’re telling our story, and we know how much you love being a System Guard, so we felt wrong leaving you out.”

    This new girl screams at the top of her lungs and flies around the sky before calming down, or at least doing something close enough so she can communicate.  “Oh, System Director, my dear,” says Axer’s zealous younger sister Kim, “I know you were behind this.  And to think, you would actually honor little old ME with the honor of really being in one of your stories?!  I promise I’ll do the best job I can for you, hon.”  Congratulations, Kim.

    “So, where are we in the story?” asks the crazy sister.

    “You talk about the family.  We’ll handle the adventure.”  Axer thinks this is fair.

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