Axer speaks now.  “I should point out that, while we did keep up with the history and heritage of Ruyngard, some of the facts were confused over the years.  I mean, even the Face Factory Industry saw some subtle changes to their designs of the initial models, so that if someone says, ‘Hey, I look like Misty Zero,’ I’ve seen what the original looks like.  I’ve met the girl.  Her template was spot on hundreds of years ago when it was made, but today’s version, while still gorgeous, looks like a completely different woman.  It’s a good thing we have the option to adjust the specifics of a face for those who have the info needed to get the look just right.  Anyway, enough about Misty’s face, there’s much more to our planet than cosmetics.  Now, come with me, Axer Darcy, as we tour the world of New Ruyngard!”

    “While our world is divided into more than just four nations, this small number does represent the significant societies present in this story.  Mind you, I know this will change in time, but I’m telling things as you see them now.  We have the tech-savvy nation of Hilmsland with its capital of Justinia and its Prime Minister, Jeffery Hannes.  Their rival is the old-fashioned Kingdom of Razlor with Georgia as its capital and King Ulfrix as the supreme monarch.  The other major power was Emperor Cigula of the mighty Lyger Empire.  This fearsome sight would come down from the sky with Empress Aelfrida and present themselves as the benevolent leaders of the entire planet, but what few people they did rule were under the most oppressive slavery imaginable.  Well, to brighten your mood, I get to mention my homeland, Astro Scotia, and the beautiful capital of Never Miss.  I wasn’t from the capital, but my humble little town wasn’t that bad.”

    “You mean our humble little town, don’t you?” asks a smiling Roxy.

    “Indeed!” says he.  “Led by President Jean Kirk, our country was the most logical and normal of the four.  Sure, Hilmsland had us beat in the area of technology, but at least we weren’t on the news every night for feuding with Razlor.”

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