Apathetic all the way, Diana forces her answer, “Oh, you know, AB met Yvie and called her his little sister because he didn’t know she was old enough to be his grandma.  They took time getting used to each other, to put it lightly, and along the way, AB met Yvie’s daughter that was four years older than him, but Cerine still enjoyed being Ant’s niece, and still does to this day, I imagine.  I mean, she’s not the most famous SG.  I just chose her because I feel bad that she’s died a lot.  As far as I know she is still alive this time, but that’s as much as I know about her.  At least she wasn’t as bad a fighter as Cici’s husband Coral-something.”

    Duplica cuts this off.  “Okay, we better move on.  You’re talking about some of my favorite relatives, and I’m very tempted to bring them here so they can hear you disrespect them while you wear that face ‘in honor’ of them, Diana dear.”

    Downcast, Diana whispers, “Sorry….”

    “Let me wash your troubles away,” says Ethel Jane as she runs her fingers through her freshly washed hair and flings water wherever she feels like.  “I seriously hope I don’t need to tell you that I chose the most alluring woman in the System’s history, Misty Zero.  If you aren’t familiar with that superstar from the Galarian War of Storyboard X, then it stinks to be you.  You’re drowning in shame.”

    Gigi stares in wonder at Ethel’s soaked face.  “Misty could control, and even turn into, water.  Is that part of the procedure?  Can you control water now?  How long did this grizzly surgery take?”

    With a great, elegant laugh, Ethel Jane explains, “Oh, dear, the surgery is only a minor parlor trick of nano-tech.  I mean, I’m stuck looking like this unless I come back for another surgery, but it’s no more complicated than going to the barber shop or hair salon.  Most of the time spent was paperwork and picking out the perfect complexion.  And this water?  I simply dunked my head in water before coming out here to add to the effect, ha ha!  It’s plastic surgery, not a science experiment.”

    “Um…” Faye wants to clarify, but Faye doesn’t.

    Duplica happens to see her watch and flips out as the crew has somehow been here for much longer than she thought.  Guess Ruyngardian time is affecting the class hour, ha ha.  She rushes the lesson by doing the rest of the talking for them.  “Sorry, guys, but I’m in charge now.  Felicia is Detrina who was a powerful SG in SBXI while her counterpart was a queen who received great help from James Scott’s SBVII version.  Gretta told me she couldn’t decide on Buck Shiloh’s daughter Roxy or Medley herself since she did reform and eventually became another good ally of Astro Bomber.  Instead, Gretta played it simple and chose Lara Shiloh.  Hannah chose Chilma, a very important figure that AB and his sisters learned about when they were younger.  I’ll tell you about her later.  Finally, Iris Jane Alexandria is wearing the template of System Guard Lexy.  She was one of the recruits that was brainwashed right before AB defeated Ultimax and Thanatos and all that lot.”

    Duplica tries to be polite, but the goodbyes end up being a bit more rushed than normal.  As she checks everyone’s attendance, she laughs as she hears Jocelyn admit, “I kind of see what Justine meant about the people’s boring attitudes on the planet.  Poor child.”

    “Cat, please stop.”

    Everyone turns to see who is speaking and see a disappointed Ally J.  “Girls, guys, I’m very sad.  I was looking forward to meeting A.J. Brown, but I just got a message from Missy.  Something is going on in the Jugular System of the Sombrero Galaxy.  They need me to rush there immediately to aid in a possible invasion of some sort.”  Giving this sad news, her shoulders drop in defeat.  “The one day…out of all the hundreds of System Guards, why always me?  Oh, well, my bosses know best, I guess.”  Ally tries not to let her crushed spirit spread while she hugs all the kids.  She saves her child for last so she can spend the most time with her before leaving.

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