“Alright, Jacob,” Duplica calls to her with this witty Bible reference.

    Ally takes no time following this up.  “That makes Entoni Rachel and Owan…heh heh…tender eyed.”

    Angry with herself for the careless example, Kammy thunders, “No, that makes Owan my uncle who’s a part of a real dumb scenario that I’m really glad I don’t have to risk because of having my boyfriend look like my identical twin!”

    “Alright, alright!”  Duplica can see this will get the class into a twenty-minute drama over Kammy’s blatant claim on her son’s future.  “Maybe you should answer the question before Kammy has a heart attack, or Faye, whichever the case may be.”

    Alicia didn’t realize the “Kam of worms” that was just opened, so she passes the question off to Barb since her face actually fits the situation better.  Barbara cautiously starts her piece.  “My face is after the fellow soldier of Kyle Walker and Mary Sims, Wanda Swarm.  I suppose I should answer this question since Wanda was Kyle’s wife, but I’m married to Bob.  Guys, seriously, it’s a face.  Like Kammy—Kammy, right?—like Kammy said, just because someone looks like someone else doesn’t have anything to do with that person.  All the same, anyone who is around twins enough know there are plenty of ways to tell them apart.  When you stack that on top of living in an entire society of twins, it’s just one of those things that you know.  This guy is my husband, and this guy is definitely not.  Again, we do have unique hairstyles and outfits and work uniforms.  We specifically exaggerated things today for the point of the experiment.  Oh, and did you say you were identical twins?  I don’t see it.”

    Embarrassed, the slowly calming Kammy says, “I was frustrated.  Owan’s my uncle.  Elfie’s just a friend, a very patient and understanding friend.”

    After a brief moment of apologies and such, Candice takes her turn.  “I debated on using the face of Proton Shiloh, Buck’s famous sister-in-law, but since she seems to look like the person I chose anyway, it was an easy decision.  I chose Ivory Nocturne Derm, System Guard and former Fruit member, codename Longsuffering.  She’s the beautiful wife of the Creature, Pac Derm.  These two are precious treasures themselves, but their legacy extends to their SBVII counterparts who were pivotal in recording much of the history from the Crimson Prince stories.  What girl hasn’t wanted to be like Ivory D?”

    Speaking of D, Duplica informs Candice that she was right for not choosing Proton.  “That lazy bum only looked like Ivory because she visited your planet in the future after she retired, and guess whose face she put on her head?  So, now you know.  Check the records of before Ultimax and after.  It’s the same Proton, but different faces.”

    I.C. can’t resist answering this.  “Don’t diss Proton.  I love that girl!  Besides, Grandmama did the same thing with Ivory’s face template when she moved to Ruyngard, and we all know Ivory and Vivi Nocturne don’t mind having Proton take after them anyway, considering Ivy and Proto are one of the CFA’s greatest teams of all time.”

    “One thing at a time, dear,” Cat tries to keep Ima behaved.  “We’ll get to your era when we get there.”

    “At least we’re done using dead people,” Jo lets out.  “It’s good to get back to visiting ACTUAL people in the past instead of just watching from a distance.  Although having our own SG comrades tag along is cool, too.”

    “Oooo,” taunts I.C., “I’m tellin’ Justine and Christy you said that.”

    “Fine, I’ll tell them myself when we get back.  Diana, it’s your turn.”  Good job, Jo.

    “Oh,” Diana says anticlimactically, “I just chose AB’s niece Cerine Rydden.”

    “Ouch,” says Cat.  “Uh, dear, can you expound on who that is?”

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